If you are an executive, owner or investor in either a fitness, health, hospitality, wellness or sports company, then our network is the perfect platform for you. If you are also in corporate health and wellbeing (working with health, fitness and wellness partners and solutions), you are equally welcomed.

We cover the following key areas: (i) fitness, (ii) wellness, (iii) corporate wellness, (iv) hospitality/spa and (v) technology – fitness technology, wellness technology, health technology.

We host a series of large-scale hybrid events, a monthly newsletter, an annual report both and two important sub-communities, our Leadership Circle and our Fitness & Wellness Business Network (both detailed below). Please contact us to speak about any and all of these activities.

FIT Summit is a unique thought leadership and networking community. We focus on creating relationships and encouraging meaningful dialogues between the business-to-business community. Industry executives, pioneers, business owners, entrepreneurs and investors make up the FIT community. Our network and community is on a common mission – to make more people happier and healthier.

If you wish to add your content onto our site (an interview, presentation, paper, survey results, video) or newsletter please contact day@thefitsummit.com to discuss what opportunities are open to you.


We host two large-scale public Summits each year, our World Summit in May and our Asia-Pacific Summit in November. Both are hybrid – in-person and simultaneously online via virtual platforms. Both have world-class speaking faculties, a huge variety of exclusive content, interactive exhibitions and various activations and networking activities.
A great question. Time is the most precious commodity which is why FIT Summit was created. We provide unique industry insights online. At our events, we condense three months of CEO-level networking, business development, market analysis, idea generation and best practice in brand strategy, marketing and sales into a two- or three-day event. Our events should not be missed if you are serious on understanding the future of health, fitness, wellness and hospitality.

For information on how to become a sponsor or exhibitor, please contact jolin@thefitsummit.com or blair@thefitsummit.com. They will email you a Sponsorship Prospectus and can arrange a time to speak with you directly about the opportunities available to you and your company. If you are not sure what sponsorship option you might want, they can easily create a bespoke sponsorship package for you.

These are detailed in each Sponsorship Prospectus that Jolin or Blair will send to you for your consideration.

Speaking opportunities are available to industry thought leaders, pioneers, investors and sponsors. Please contact ross@thefitsummit.com to discuss what opportunities are open to you.

For delegates attending in-person they will have direct access to physical talks, the physical exhibition, any goodie bags provided and basic refreshments. For delegates attending online you will have access to all the online talks and those pre-recorded, as well as the virtual exhibition and virtual networking. Both in-person and virtual delegates get direct access post-event to all content on-demand. Everything is recorded so you never miss anything.

We offer discount for groups/teams of three or more attendees. Large groups of 10 or more are eligible for greater discounts. If interested, please contact day@thefitsummit.com for more information.

Passes are available for select print and newswire reporters, freelance reporters and bloggers, broadcast journalists and photographers. You must be categorized as a third-party (i.e., media) and unaffiliated with a vendor, partner or an entity with a vested business interest in FIT Summit. For us to review your press pass request, please send the following to day@thefitsummit.com. A link to the current page of your publication or blog’s website with your name and title shown as part of the editorial team. For freelance reporters, please also provide a letter or official email from a publisher or editor from a known news organization that states you are covering our event on assignment.


The Leadership Circle is an invitation-only, hybrid community of leading companies driving new investment and innovation into and across Asia-Pacific. We champion each company as best-in-class, helping to lead the future direction and growth of the Asia-Pacific marketplace. We work with each at a company level engaging their entire management team.

The Leadership Circle consists of an exclusive community of the region’s largest and most influential companies: operators, suppliers, technology companies, investors and advisory groups. Current Members are highlighted in the Leadership Circle page.

You must be investing significantly in the success and long-term growth of the Asia-Pacific health, fitness and wellness market. If so, you are warmly invited to reach out to ross@thefitsummit.com and enquire about Membership and to join this group of pioneering and market leading companies.

Each Member receives a huge amount of year-round profiling, marketing, business development and connectivity benefits, as well as, three speaking opportunities (World Summit, APAC Summit and another interview during the year). We work with each company across the calendar year as a trusted business partner, facilitating: year-round engagement, constant communication & connections, and foster deep partnerships with the best-in-class leaders from innovative companies around the world.

Every Member is profiled and branded equally across all of our marketing channels and event. Such tiers are Platinum, Gold and Silver do not exist within the Leadership Circle. The only difference is for those Members wanting to commit to having a larger physical presence at our World Summit and APAC Summit – Members can purchase a large allocation of physical tickets and exhibition space to do so but their branding remains the same.

There is an annual fee for Membership, one fixed price for Operators and one fixed price for Non-Operators. For greater ease and flexibility, we arrange payments to be made every quarter. For more details, please contact ross@thefitsummit.com

A key benefit to Membership of the Leadership Circle is access to a monthly, 90-minute, private call of Members – they share insight, lessons learned, intelligence & knowledge). You can continuously introduce yourself to group, share your updates and comment regularly on the calls.

There is a monthly call in February, March, April, June, July, August, September and October, in addition to our two-large scale hybrid events running in May and November. In total, a Member has access to eight calls and two large scale international Summit. In each physical Summit we plan to have a private VIP reception for Members. On every call a Member has the flexibility of having the same or a different executive on each call.

That’s fine. We understand that travelling at this point is still an uncertainty. We have purposefully structured Member benefits to leverage on digital capabilities and outreach that can be done without in-person commitments. Additional physical benefit options are available for companies to add on at any point.

If you are working alongside our Leadership Circle Members in Asia-Pacific or looking to enter the marketplace there is still value. However, our monthly calls with be in times friendly with Asia-Pacific time zones. Please contact ross@thefitsummit.com to set up a call to answer further questions.

As a Member you can use your benefits at regular points across the year or consolidate them to certain points (such as a new product launch or geographical expansion). We work with each Member in a bespoke manner to ensure the benefits you have are optimally leveraged.

Please contact ross@thefitsummit.com directly to set up a call and discuss the Leadership Circle further.


Our Business Network is a Virtual Community for entrepreneurs, SME’s, start-ups, business owners, boutiques and investors starting, scaling and selling fitness, wellness and health related businesses. This community showcases emerging companies and give executives like you the connections, knowledge, advice and inspiration to start, scale, advise and sell businesses in this fast growing and exciting market. Learn, share and grow while expanding your network.

Start-ups, Boutiques, SMEs, Investors and Advisors – including boutique fitness studios; health, fitness and wellness product developers; fitness technology, wellness technology and sports technology companies; and solutions providers to these companies as they grow. Our Leadership Circle Members also participate to ensure you have access to large companies too and able to discuss opportunities with them.

You get access to regular activities including; regular virtual networking events; interviews with successful C-suite executives and investors; and connectivity to other Members. You will also be learning, acquiring and sharing knowledge and advice from leading industry advisors and consultants. In addition, we have (and continue to build out) a resource library containing useful videos, articles, playbooks, surveys & Q&A.

WhatsApp = We host our virtual community on a WhatsApp group chat where members share news, perpectives, advice and business opportunities. This group also allows them to engage, interact and connect with one another.

Hubilo = On a regular basis you will be invited to a virtual networking event. We host these events in Hubilo, a great platform that allows you to join discussion tables to share and hear from your peers at the event.

Simple rule of thumb, the more active you are on both WhatsApp and Hubilo, the more you benefit. Complete your profile in Hubilo prior to the event to allow other participants to know you during networking. Start your own conversation if you have a question you’d like to pose to the WhatsApp group chat. Make time to attend our virtual networking events wich will last from 60-90 mins, so easy to block off and with fantastic value and benefits.

This is the best platform you can join if you are just starting out or planning to start your own fitness, wellness, or health business. It is a one-stop solution to meet many budding entrepreneurs like yourself, share the winnings and struggles in opening/scaling a business, getting to meet other start-ups, vendors, investors and like-minded individuals.

We do have sponsorship opportunities for a small number of companies each year that including branding, profiling and the opportunity to speak at our Hubilo networking events. For more details, please contact jolin@thefitsummit.com or blair@thefitsummit.com

Please contact day@thefitsummit.com for any other questions you might have.