“The event was really positive and it feels like the industry is really finding its feet and there’s a renewed energy! It was epic!”
Peter Thew
Co-Founder, Yoga Movement
“FIT Summit's events are the best in the business by some distance: highly professional, fantastic speaker quality, interesting discussion topics and a who's who in attendance for networking and mid-session virtual chats, If you're at all interested in health, fitness, or wellness in APAC - these events are compulsory to attend”
Samuel Canavan
Managing Director, APAC, ClassPass
“A big thank you and congratulation to the entire FIT Summit family for being nowadays a reference point for the fitness & wellness industry not only for APAC region. We are happy to be supportive of every single initiatives you guys want to take to the market: we do recognize in your work attitude the same instilled in Technogym DNA. Appreciate what we can do in the future, together. Let’s move for a better world!.”
Marco Mazzanti
Trade Marketing Director (commercial), Technogym
“Thanks to FIT Summit team for providing an exceptional platform for the global industry to come together collaborate and share best practise through these unusual and challenging times. It was a pleasure to be involved.”
Cameron Falloon
Founder & Joint CEO, Body Fit Training
“Great event and really appreciate how thoughtfully and creatively the FIT Summit team reimagined a global summit.”
Francesca Schuler
CEO, In-shape Health Clubs
“Really enjoyed contributing to and being part of World Fitness & Wellness Online Summit. It’s so important to bring the industry together right now and share not just best practice but also the lessons we’ve all learned because this is unchartered territory for all of us. Important conversations and debate in a really well-executed virtual setting. Once again we’re demonstrating the professionalism of our industry as well as our ability to unite, collaborate and innovate. Well done to the FIT Summit team for facilitating!”
Kevin Yates
CEO, TRIB3 International
“Thank you FIT Summit for putting on another great event. Already looking forward to the next one.”
Colin Grant
CEO, The PURE Group
“Thanks for having me and for a very well-organized conference! I believe all attendees and panellists felt that they got good contents and network out of it. I’m glad I have been able to add some insights into the conference and look forward to participating more in the future.”
Benjaporn Karoonkornsakul
Founder and CEO, The Absolute Group
“I want to say thank you for hosting me and all of us yesterday at Wellness Summit. As always, it's great to connect with you all again and share our stories. I got some valuable insights there as well from other speakers which I shared with my team. Hence, wanted to let you all know that everyone did a great job and you should all be proud of yourself”
Gita Sjahrir
Co-Founder and CEO, R Fitness
“The Fit Summit team was extremely active and effective in creating valuable connections. Delegates and speakers were directed, and the programme was well curated. At Neurum, we also loved working with their throughout the process.”
Megan Lam
Co-Founder and CEO, Neurum Health
“A well planned, professional event that can only result in raising our industry as a whole. The focus on b2b education, sharing, and creating a platform for making solid connections is unique. A very valuable experience for me, my colleagues and my company”
Andrew Cox
Co-Owner, Joint Dynamics
Amazing things happen when people come together to support one another and lift each other up. Knowledge is power, and when a group of like-minded professionals come together to share their expertise, the industry as a whole only has one place to go - UP!
Anabel Chew
Co-Founder, WeBarre​
The launch of FIT Summit has aligned perfectly with our focus on strategic growth in Asia. Introductions through FIT Summit have already created new relationships and opportunities with partners in the region, and we look forward to creating new partnerships while share our global insights from the field of wearable technology with the network.
Mike Beeney
Director, APAC, Myzone
Amazed by how much can be achieved in a single day with good conference management. Fantastic event – right crowd, right topics.
Mike Lamb
Asia CEO, Jetts 24 Hour Fitness
“Thank You Fit Summit for continuously bringing everyone together, so we can share ideas, collaborate and grow together as an industry which more than ever before is so crucial during such unprecedented times”
Zoe Wall
Group Director of Spa (Asia), Minor International
‘The Summit was incredible, experts speakers delivered useful, insightful and accurate information. Investing as a partner was a wise business choice!”
Julie-ann James
CEO, Founder, AquaBabies Global
“The FIT Summit team are the perfect blend of fitness-savvy and networking extraordinaire. First to pivot and last to let go in a handshake, their support of the fitness and wellness collective is exemplary. The quality of C-Suite contribution and audience they attract is testament to the standard of content and communication they inspire in fitness, wellness and hospitality. There is no doubt they are accelerating the business of fitness and wellness for emerging and established markets throughout Asia Pacific and beyond.”
Emma Barry
Global Fitness Authority
“I am very honoured to be part of such an inspiring and well organised event. You guys are amazing! Such a great team of panellists and great to hear all of your thoughts and insights.”
Andrea Lomas
Head of Group Spa Operations, Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group
“Fun short session...much enjoyed it...great moderator...fab contribution from all colleagues...well done and warm wishes.”
Ingo Schweder
CEO, GOCO Hospitality
“FIT Summit collects industry leaders with varied expertise to provide insightful views and thought-provoking dialogue.”
Sandie Johannessen
Senior Director of Spa, Asia Pacific, Four Seasons
“Congratulations for staging what I thought was a very informative conference which stimulated a lot of good conversations and networking which is invaluable for all of us”
Tony De Leede
Renowned Wellness and Fitness Entrepreneur
“This was my first FIT Summit and I am mightily impressed! You combined warmth, focus, disciplined scheduling, a highly experienced team of presenters and panellists, with very insightful analysis of overarching trends. The FIT Summit is definitely the focal point in Asia for wellness industry intel, networking and trend spotting”
Professor Gerard Bodeker
Mental Wellness Expert and Director, AYUS Wellness
“I couldn’t be more pleased with the result we had at your event. It was the perfect blend of senior management and influencers we hoped to meet and engage. We will see you at the 2020 World Summit in Singapore. Save us a spot!”
Vlado Bosanac
Group CEO & Co-Founder, Advanced Human Imaging
It is rare in the industry to bring together so many high-level industry people across all segments together under one roof to actually participate and share. A truly fantastic event.
Robert Sawhney
Key Account Manager, APAC, Life Fitness
“Joining FIT Summit this year gave me a tremendous insight to the industry here and where it is heading. I walked away with hands full of new connections and a head full of ideas. Thank you FIT Summit for hosting such a great event and bringing the industry together like this.”
Paige Fitzmaurice
Owner, Elev8Life
The first FIT Summit was excellently executed with a great line up of professional industry experts.  Industry hosted panel discussion included well thought out topics where the sharing of knowledge and experiences were encouraged.
Lisa Manser
Group Operations and Bus. Dev. Director, COMO Shambhala
The FIT Summit’s values closely mirror ours at BASE and we’re excited to see such a positive initiative come out of Asia’s industry. We firmly believe that building a strong community of the region’s fitness businesses, and encouraging open communication and collaboration amongst us, will be the best way to tap into such huge potential and opportunity. It’s both refreshing and exciting to see the FIT Summit promoting this idea strongly.
Jack Thomas
Founder and CEO, Base
It's about time! The FIT Summit is the first of its kind in Asia, connecting and empowering the fitness and wellness community through networks and expertise. Not only has having access to top-level leaders for mentorship been invaluable but linking parallel businesses and learning from one another will ultimately boost the entire industry!
Linda Tang
Co-Founder, WeBarre
“I can't say enough great things about ISSA's partnership with the Fit Summit team. They go out of their way to ensure our experience is fantastic and our networking opportunities are robust. We are always evaluating our ROI when investing in conferences, and hands-down, this team delivers the best in that space. If you are seeking a truly personalized experience, more networking opportunities than you can keep track of, and world-class service, then Ross, Blair, Jolin and the Fit Summit is for you.
VP, Partnerships and International Business, International Sports Sciences Association
“The event was a great opportunity to learn, network and converse across a broad range of wellness, spa and fitness topics. Well organised and one of the best ‘online’ events I have attended so far”
Emlyn Brown
Global Vice President, Well-Being, Accor
“The event was an excellent experience. The quality of speakers was amazing, a great opportunity to learn, as well as to connect with like-minded innovators in our industry”
Hugo Braam
Co-Founder & CEO, Virtuagym
“The Summit brought together an amazing and diverse group of industry leaders from across the globe in a extremely accessible and professionally run format. It was inspiring to listen to how fitness leaders and businesses have adapted and innovated through this testing period as well as how collectively optimistic everyone is that the industry will come out of this time stronger. These events have been a fantastic way to keep our industry focused on finding solutions and reminding us how important our services are for our communities across the globe."
Michael Jordan
CEO, 12RND Fitness and UBX Training
”We must grow the pie and not just our respective slices of the existing pie. The platform that FIT summit provides is a key factor in helping the industry grow through networking, collaboration and sharing. Evolution Wellness pledges its full support and thanks to the FIT Summit Team.”
Simon Flint
CEO, Evolution Wellness
”Another fantastic event! Great work FIT Summit team to keep progressing the rich direction of content and thought leadership for our wider industry. All happening at such an important time in the evolution of the sector.”

"A fantastic event that exceeded my expectations on numerous levels. The broad range of topics selected and the invited panel members that were from other sectors was refreshing. The Fit Summit had a perfect blend of learning, industry topics to debate and opportunities to network and build relationships. FIT Summit clearly succeeded in delivering on its promise and purpose by attracting industry leaders from across the region to attend and contribute for the greater good of the industry and no doubt improve relationships as a result."
Christian Mason
Global Experience Director, Virgin Active
”In a time of change and a fitness community in need of a guiding light - The FIT Summit provides that beacon and brings the requisite professionals together under one great virtual event. Executed with class and enthusiasm, The FIT Summit delivered. No travel no problem.”
Brooke D. Daye
President and CEO, Fitness Management Corp
”FIT Summit did it like no other! Collaboration at its best with leaders from around the globe sharing insights, experiences and advice – bringing fitness and wellness together for a better world.”
Stacey Seward Vandiver
Founder & CEO, SoulBody Fitness
”FIT Summit was a great opportunity to connect with a wide range of wellness professionals both large scale and independents. It’s great to have everyone in the room together sharing experiences, learning and discussing wellness trends in each creative space. The event was organized and well thought through.”
Lindsay Madden-Nadeau
Former Global Director, Well-Being, Accor
“I found the Asia Summit to deliver as promised. As a brand that is growing aggressively Internationally this event provided me great content, relationships and a clear view from so many great people on the direction of the industry as it relates to culture/innovation & generalized products. If we work together our industry can change the game on how humans age, and events like this only help us align and attack our opportunity together.”
Adam Sedlack
Co-Founder and President, UFC Gym
The Fit Summit have shown their ability to bring together industry luminaries, in a collaborative platform, for the benefit of our global fitness community. FITREC was very pleased to be a part of the inaugural event in Singapore. It surpassed all expectations.
Dennis Hoskin
Founder and CEO, FITREC
When initially contacted by Fit Summit, we were keen to get involved in the network from a business development perspective as Asia is a key market for us. However our experience with the team so far has greatly surpassed our expectations. From the initial networking event in Singapore to key contacts and relationships already developed by Glofox, Fit Summit has already succeeded where other networks fail by adding real value to participants and fostering genuine networking and business development opportunities. We are very excited to be partnering with Fit Summit to build a community of like-minded industry professionals in Asia.
Anthony Kelly
Co-Founder, Glofox