We provide invaluable activation services, that can be digital, in-person or hybrid in nature. Companies, of all sizes, from across the world, secure our services to help:

For digital activations we utilise our industry knowledge, platforms and wider network to offer these key services to generate incredible benefits and ROI for our clients:

Direct Reach
1 +
Direct Reach
1 +
Business /
Social Media Reach
10000 +

For hybrid activations we use the above in conjunction with physical benefits at our in-person events to provide a more holistic activation:

We Believe In Hard Work And Dedication

Whatever your company requires to help reach your marketing, sales and business development goals, please reach out and explore how our engagements can offer you incredible benefit, connections and value.
  • Activation Services Start from SGD$7,500

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grow your business?

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Your activation can include value items like email promotions & targeted email introduction to our global database, facilitation in inviting brands/executives to an event or webinar, sharing/reposting of content to our database, newsletter & business/social media, interview with key executives and virtual booths. If you have some other ideas, let’s hop on a zoom call to discuss! 

It could be a new launch, a campaign, invite to an event/webinar, lead generation, branding & profiling and any other brand activities you would like to mobilise to a global or targeted audience.

You can choose to schedule your activation at any point. We do no more than 4 activations a month (average is 2.5) as we don’t want our network to feel they receive too many ‘sell-side solutions’ via email. So we can always schedule in advance and ensure we have ample time to get all materials ready. There is flexibility in changing the content or date to post.
We have over 30,000 business leaders and executives in our database. In terms demographics; 85+ countries – 60% Asia-Pacific, 5% Middle East & Africa, 20% Americas, 15% Europe & Russia
Definitely! If you have a specific market and type of client you are looking to reach out to, let us know and we can strategize something together.
This is dependent on the project and key deliverables. It also depends if materials are ready or we may need to schedule time to record a video interview, etc. Normally, an activation lasts between 1-4 weeks.
Yes, you can extend your activation out over 3 months (one quarter).

For sure! We can create a holistic hybrid activation where we have digital benefits in conjunction with physical benefits at our in-person events. This can include in-person product demos, showcases, branding, experiences and more.

If you are looking to reach a global marketplace there is still incredible value. Our network is global and we reach across multiple pillars of industry, and key market leaders
Please contact to set up a call to answer further questions.

Please contact directly to set up a call and discuss how our digital activations can best serve you.