Abimantra Pradhana

SANA Studios

Abimantra is one of the co-founders of SANA Studio, a pioneer of boutique studio in Jakarta, Indonesia that has been established since 2012. He received his Bachelor of Architecture from Trisakti University and earned his Master of Urban Design from the National University of Singapore. His background as a passionate architect, lecturer, and also an urban designer brings a broader perspective to SANA business development that constantly strive to bring impacts to the city with a well-thought holistic approach. Together with three other co-founders, Abimantra has more than 8 years of experience in boutique fitness industry. He is the think tank behind SANA’s developing brand that has grown into an a-to-z active lifestyle business with three branches that each serves as a hub with its KOPI SANA (coffee shop) , and a brand new retail store – RAME by SANA.


Jason Chia
Master Trainer and International Presenter
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