Bob Neville

Global Retail Creative Director
New Balance

Bob Neville is New Balance’s Global Retail Creative Director and Head of Retail, and the mastermind behind the brand’s ‘New Balance Experience’ retail concepts, which have opened in cities including Shanghai, New York City, and now Barcelona. A product and three dimensional designer, through practical experience Bob has become a global creative retail Expert, leading New Balance’s creative teams in designing memorable and experiential spaces which are designed to bring the brand to life in a memorable and visually stunning way. Since joining New Balance in 2008, Bob has designed, developed and prototyped the brand’s global retail ‘Past, Present, Future’ retail concept, with around 350 executions across the world. His role with the brand focuses on the functions of retail design, development and store construction, together with retail operations and Marketing, visual merchandising and retail reporting across the whole of New Balance International. Born in Paris, Bob has lived around the world, and his nineteen years in the Asia Pacific market have helped him to develop a particularly strong knowledge of key markets such as China, Korea and Japan. With over 10,000 international stores and outlets opened based on his concepts, including extensive roll-outs in China, Bob is a true Global Executive who is able to translate a brand into three dimensions and through into retail environments which work globally whilst at the same time respecting cultural nuances whilst helping to enhance brand reputations


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