Ed Haynes

Founder and Head, Health and Performance
Coastal Fitness Performance Training

Founder of CFPT and Head of Health and Performance, Ed draws his experience from his international rugby career, his time as a competitive CrossFit athlete and coach, sporting injuries and his continued passion to learn and develop himself as an individual. Since its formation in 2008, Coastal Fitness has grown to become a household name across Asia, especially to those in the functional fitness pace. They work intimately with their group and individual clients on site at their headquarters in North Point, as well as over 150 clients across Asia via remote coaching. Ed’s mission is to promote the importance of longevity, by providing honest and real information to those who seek it. Ed spends his time educating fitness professionals, coaching individual and group clients and orchestrating his team at Coastal Fitness.


Peggy Chan
Founder & Managing Director
Grassroots Initiatives Consultancy