Ezekiel Vicente

Chief HR Officer

Ezekiel Vicente is the CHRO and former CTO of Mindvalley , the company building the school for humanity. Mindvalley combines media, filmmaking, tech and real-world events to build its education empire with over 5 million students. It’s app “Mindvalley Quests” has reinvented online learning while “Mindvalley University”- currently taking place in Pula, Croatia – is an attempt to redesign college for the future. Ezekiel is also a consultant for organisations and leaders that aim to create teams and companies that are focused on freedom, responsibility, maximising happiness and wellbeing at the workplace. Personally he is transformation freak – tapping from Yoga, to Martial Arts, Personal Growth and Spirituality. Ezekiel is now working to expand Mindvalley’s DNA within the next few years to as many organisations as possible to create a world where work becomes the place where every single individual experience personal transformation and create the best memories of its life.


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