Javier González

Partner / Managing Director

Javier González , Partner / Managing Director of 100architects Prior to 100 a rchitects , he worked 4 years in China as Project Manager, leading projects at the China branch offices of 2 Spanish studios, first at RTA – Office, a studio from Barcelona with branch office in Shanghai; and later at ADOS – Architecture & Design on Site, office from Madrid with branch office in Shanghai. Javier gained international working experience at an early stage in his career, at GENETIC DESIGN in Copenhagen, Denmark (2012), and previously worked locally at FabLab Tenerife & LPA (Lab for Planning & Architecture ) in Canary Islands, Spain (2008 – 2012). He holds a postgraduate Master Degree in Advanced Architecture & Digital Fabrication from IaaC (Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia), Barcelona, Spain, and has specialized his skills in Computational De sign and Digital Fabrication Processes. Nowadays, with 100architects, Javier focuses his practice on exploring the potential of the Public Realm in urban environments, generating innovative solutions to encourage the occurrence of social dynamics, driven b y the passion of shaping the cities of tomorrow.


HX Dou
Managing Director, China