JJ Sweeney

Founder & CEO
Paradigm Fitness Indonesia

J.J. Sweeney has 30 years’ experience as a veteran in the fitness industry. As co-founder and Senior Vice-President of Fitness Development & Innovation at ASEAN’s leading fitness chain Celebrity Fitness, J.J. continues his lifelong dedication to learning more about the science of health and fitness from as many angles as possible. He holds a myriad of globally recognized qualifications including a Sports Science Diploma, and Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) and Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES) accreditations from the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Precision Nutrition Level 1. J.J. teaches courses and workshops as an authorized Master Trainer in Twist Sports Conditioning, Weck Method, IKFF, Alexander Method of SMR, Dynamax, ViPR, BOSU, Sandbell, Equalizer, Power Plate, and WattBike. Among his many accomplishments are authoring and publishing two books ‘Be Lean For Life’ (in 2014) and ‘Dream Factor – Ultimate Body Changing System’ (in 2002), winning both the New Zealand Mr. Canterbury Top Model and Mr. South Island Body Building Champs awards in 1993, and serving as Physical Coach to Alpine Ski Racer and Winter Olympic medalist Annalise Corberger and Personal Trainer to Chris Cairns (from the New Zealand Cricket Team) and record-holding New Zealand Coast to Coast winner Steve Gurney.


Nicole Nason
Director, International Franchise Operations
Gold’s Gym