John Gillman

Head, Health Solutions (APAC)

John Gillman is Director Health Solutions for Fitbit APAC, with responsibility for driving Fitbit’s focus on health and wellness in 14 countries across Asia. Prior to this role, he was Director, PR & Partnerships and Health Solutions Marketing for APAC. He is based in Singapore.

John has extensive experience in leading and sustaining change programs, communications and marketing in organisations in Australia, the US and Asia. Over the past 12 months, he has worked with Fitbit’s global Health Solutions team to position and build Fitbit’s emerging focus on healthcare across Asia Pacific.

John has a passion for helping organisations drive change and transformation to achieve strategic objectives. At Fitbit, he has worked to build brand awareness, brand partnerships and has consulted with organisations across Asia to help them understand the benefits of integrating Fitbit products and features into customer and employee programs to improve health outcomes. He is a committed and enthusiastic Fitbit user.


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