Jonathan Midttun

Senior Product Ambassador

As Exerp’s Senior Product Ambassador, Jonathan Midttun works to streamline the member journeys of iconic fitness brands worldwide, including ​GoodLife Fitness, PureGym, Virgin Active, and​ SATS. In the past ten years, Exerp’s member management platform has helpe​d ​transform​ the business of some of the world’s largest operators by reducing costs, promoting simplicity, and fundamentally changing the way that club operators interact with their members. Midttun has played a pivotal role in making that happen. As Exerp’s digital strategy advisor, Midttun ​works with fitness chains across three continents daily. Whether it’s o​ptimizing booking and billing, improving client business models, or integrating Exerp with other market-leading software and hardware, Midttun helps create millions of​ memorable member journeys across the globe. Midttun took a non-traditional path towards becoming a digital strategy advisor. Bypassing business school and technical education, Midttun gained experience directly from clubs. In his first support position with Exerp, he learned​ every aspect of club management – including day-to-day operations, hardware setup, software deployment, and client consulting. As ​Exerp ​ grew, so did Middtun’s experience within the company. In 2013 Middtun played a pivotal role in ​PureGym’ ​ s move to the ​Exerp ​ platform. The six-month project involved assisting several third-party web developers, who integrated with the Exerp API. It also included setting up new systems for debt recovery, billing and access control. Now, as Exerp’s Senior Product Ambassador, Middtun is constantly travelling the world, helping create​ memorable member journeys for Exerp’s more than 6 million hosted members.


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