Kevin Serou

Founder & CEO

Competitive Ironman Athlete, multi-times podium finisher and world championship qualifier, Kevin Serou embarked on an entrepreneurial journey in the midst of the global pandemic by founding the company 360Sports Pte. Ltd. incorporated in Singapore.

His ambition? Building the Next Generation of Digital Wellness.

360Wellness mobile application was launched last October and has already been downloaded across 172 countries worldwide. It features an innovative wellness tracker that can be synced with most popular connected wearables such as Garmin or Fitbit and a unique decentralised live virtual classes marketplace. Empowering health and fitness professionals by providing them with a powerful suite of online services to build and grow their coaching business. Enhancing people’s wellness journey by allowing them to track how well they train, eat, feel and sleep all in one place and turning everyone’s living room into their own at-home-fitness studio.

Kevin also recently launched DEFIT successfully. The first digital fitness currency that will be fully integrated within the 360Wellness ecosystem to enhance gamification and drive user loyalty and retention. His vision? To bring the Fitness World onto the blockchain.


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