Krystal Tang

Wellness Leader

Krystal Tang has over 8 years of experience in employee wellness. Krystal is currently the Wellness Leader, within Mercer Singapore’s Health Consulting team. She currently specializes in wellness consulting where she designs wellness solutions for clients as well as managing partnerships to match clients with support that delivers results. As a wellness leader, she is passionate about the education of mental wellness in the corporate sector as well as an advocate for women’s health and wellness. Prior to Mercer, Krystal was in mental health consulting in the US and in Singapore. Major part of her work included being a spokesperson for mental health at local and regional health conferences, giving talks and facilitating workshops for employees on topics ranging from stress management to women’s health issues. She was an on-site crisis support consultant to large tech companies such as Twitter. Besides her corporate work, during her clinical practice, she delivered cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and solutions-focused therapy to adult and adolescent clients with a wide range of emotional, behavioral, and adjustment problems, such as anxiety, stress, depression, and relationship problems. Krystal holds a Clinical Psychology Masters degree from Azusa Pacific University, California.


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