Lara Morgan

Wellness and Fitness Entrepreneur

Lara Morgan is a British entrepreneur with a track record of delivering exceptional accelerated growth. Her investment strategy in wellbeing products primarily is pinned to improving life’s journey. Lara founded her first business, Pacific Direct, in 1991 at the age of just 23. Having arrived in the UK from Hong Kong with little or no hotel experience, Lara quickly grew Pacific Direct into a specialist global supplier of luxury high end brands for five-star hotels Lara invests in British brands including, the 100% natural, portable, Wellbeing Ritual aromatherapy brand; Gate8 luggage, lightweight, time-saving, functional, business luggage and accessories that reduce stress; KitBrix, a functional, robust, modular, sports kit bag and organiser system for active people, Yogi Bare, the best in class yoga and fitness mats and accessories. Global Amenities Direct is a remarkable twist on Lara’s previous toiletries supply brand licensing company. Today Global Amenities Direct sources, designs and delivers innovative solutions beyond the basics of hospitality products with a considerable focus on eco-conscious and sustainable waste reduction. Personalising the world of guest engagement and hospitality service enhancement Global Amenities add value through providing recycled fabrics, products that reduce waste, including a project to eradicate the use of plastic bottles in hotel rooms. Only offering dispensed and refillable travel toiletries presented in planet friendly packaging that is still beautifully aligned to luxury hotel environments, informs guess and yet brings stories, surprise and delight an often-jaded guest who welcomes a different thoughtful execution Lara’s passion for fragrance and functionality in natural aromatherapy products led her to develop, design and produce Scentered, an aromatherapy based Wellbeing Ritual which provides a scent-based solution for mindful transitions through our daily journeys. She knew first-hand from challenging times at Pacific Direct that therapy-grade essential oils enhance mindset and wellbeing. The Scentered mantra and ritual — Stop. Inhale. Reset – teaches the customer how to connect scents with desired mindsets, empowering them to direct their thoughts and emotions to live happier lives. The Scentered balms and candles are unique in their portability and daily use convenience. Lara believes this neurological link between scent and habit has additional opportunity to help transform the way people set goals and achieve their desired outcomes. Lara is a proud mother of three girls and a committed volunteer and philanthropist.


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