Laura Ranin

Founder and CEO

Laura is a health nut with a passion for all things tech. She’s currently working on her own passion project Healthzilla, a health tech startup on a mission to automate staying healthy & fit by combining the psychology of habit building, the analytical capabilities of machine learning, real-time health data from sensors, and the latest in preventative healthcare research. Having spent years training and coaching gymnastics on a professional level has left her with a life-long hunger for better training and health optimization. Juggling career, kids, travels, friendships, and family while trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle and a good level of fitness pushed her to explore the most optimal and time-efficient ways to work out and the most advantageous habits and behavior patterns to improve her overall wellbeing and health. As a data-geek and app-lover, she decided to approach the subject through tracked, real-time health and behavioral data and ended up building her own A.I. powered health optimization consumer app and B2B platform with a team of devoted developers and health enthusiasts. Before diving headfirst into the startup world, Laura worked several years in the corporate world as a consultant and project manager. She holds a Master’s Degree from Helsinki University of Technology and is a certified gymnastics coach.


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