Maggie Lin

Brand Ambassador

Maggie devotes herself to living and sharing yoga and mindfulness. She champions a playful and dynamic approach in practice, and in life. From a personal search for meaning, she has been immersed in yoga and meditation for the past 13 years, and teaching since 2014. Growing up in an athletic family, yoga became the topic of her Anthropology Master thesis as she retired from junior tennis representing Hong Kong. Her dedication to mindfulness is informed by a combination of personal practices and growth, trainings, silent retreats, and Buddhist teachings. She completed Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Foundations Teacher Training, and follows the nourishing tradition of Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh. She took courses at the Hong Kong Center for Mindfulness and the Oxford Mindfulness Center in the UK. Her family name Lin (連) means “to connect”, same as the Sanskrit word for yoga, yuj. Practice of yoga and mindfulness guides her to better connect with the body-mind, with others, with the world. Bringing creativity to well-being, previously she co-founded nose hk, a city perfumery on smell and emotions; and The Pocket Parks Collective, humanizing urbanscape through art. From an early interest in people and the human condition, she studied journalism and communication, with a masters in anthropology; and spent her formative years at the United Nations and non-profit sector. Honored to be a lululemon ambassador, her work is featured in documentary Creativity IsHong Kong Connections《鏗鏘集》, she is an advisor for Design Trust Futures Studio. Brands and organizations she has collaborated with: Gold Coast Hotel, Hong Kong Arts Center, lululemon, M+ Museum, Sino Club, 10 10 Hope. Social and education organizations such as St. James Settlement, Salvation Army, Good Lab, Ednovators and universities. She teaches at Yoga Aloha and Shan Studios.


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