Meg Pappenheim

Co-Founder and Chief Manifesting Officer
The Yoga Barn and The BaliSpirit Festival

Meghan inaugurated the website and a yoga studio in 2002, her food café in 2004, her Yoga Barn in 2007 and in 2008 began organizing the Bali Spirit Festival. Originally from New York City, Meg took her first Hatha yoga class at the New York Open Center on Spring Street at the age of 13…. She recalls sitting in a warm wooden room surrounded by women and men in one-piece leotards, many with grey hair. It was in that room, that Meg began her yoga and health centric journey, becoming an avid information seeker of various spiritual traditions. A few years later between high school and college, Meg spent a summer as an Ashramer at the Himalayan Institute of Yoga Science and Philosophy, where she continued her study of Yoga, adding Ayurveda and healthy Veganism to the mix. Meg LOVED living at the Ashram and loved her fellow students but walked away with a strong distaste for the GURU syndrome that afflicted the Institute. Her learning affects the way she approaches the Yoga Barn as a similar type of institution today. Once in college Meg found herself on a year-long travelling and studying journey through Italy, Greece and finally, Bali. On that trip Meg focused on the Language, Arts & Culture of Bali, completing her BA in Art History, Anthropology and Asian studies with a focus on Indigenous Folk Art of Bali. That same fateful year, Meg met the man who later became her husband, Made ‘Dekgun’ Gunarta. Together, Meg and Dek have inspired a vibrant group of companies that support various outreach & development programs (link to outreach programs info) in Bali. Meg believes wholly that SMEs and Corporations should include community development as part of their missions and she abides by that as much as possible. Meg believes that generosity makes the world go round and that people who practice the art of giving will always be rewarded.


Peggy Chan
Founder & Managing Director
Grassroots Initiatives Consultancy
Zoe Wall
Global Director, Wellness
Kerzner International