Tarek Michael Chouja

Functional Training Institute & Momentum 360

Tarek is the co-founder of the functional training institute and Momentum 360. Tarek is an international educator and speaker having presented numerous times at the biggest convention in Australia, Asia and the US. In addition Tarek has presented courses to thousands of trainers throughout Australia, Asia, Middle East and South America. Tarek is also a best-selling author of ‘Purpose Driven Movement’. He started working in the Fitness Industry in 2001. In 2009, he co-wrote my first accredited course. This was the ‘Fundamentals of Kettlebell Training’. This course has been taught to 1000’s of trainers worldwide and is the most popular course in Australia for personal trainers. The last 3 years has seen his company produce 9 more accredited courses that we teach to trainers. We are Australia’s leading ‘Functional Training’ education institution and employ 28 presenters in 8 different countries. He has presented on at Leading Fitness conferences including FILEX, WAFIC & IFEX. He has travelled many times throughout the USA and Asia and brought many great coaches and athletes to Australia to further my own professional development as well as those of my team. He has trained extensively with people in their field of expertise such as John Brookfield, Vasily Ginko, Sergey Rudnev, Martin Rooney and Joey Alvarado. One of his passionate areas in fitness is MMA conditioning. Having trained in various arts including Tai Kwon Do; BJJ; Kung Fu and Muay Thai, he has always appreciated the skill and conditioning of these arts. In 2010 he co-designed the MMA conditioning course, fully accredited worldwide with a professional MMA fitness organisation in Australia (MMA fitness). This has been rolled out globally with attendees from the MMA sphere including fighters and coaches.