Zulaiha (Zu) Zainal

Event Ticket Sales & Relationship Manager
FIT Summit

An introvert who cherishes human connections, Zu sought a Diploma in Psychology Studies which enabled her to better comprehend, serve and synergise with those around her. Her social network and brush with mental health over the years catalyzed her journey to continuously strive for better physical and mental well-being in new ways. She is thrilled to join the world of health, fitness & wellness – where she is challenged to stay abreast with this ever-growing industry and is aligned with her personal and fitness goals. In her free time, she enjoys immersing herself in mind-boggling TV series, philosophy, and new experiences. At The FIT Summit, Zu connects with and bridges businesses and individuals in the health, fitness and wellness community, extending opportunities to empower their growth.

Zu grew up surrounded by individuals that enjoy exchanging their love and knowledge of health and wellness. She seeks new ways to improve her mental and physical well-being, such as through mindful meditation, pilates, going to the gym, and exploring nature trails. She is excited to be part of the health and wellness industry as it keeps her on her toes to keep up with this ever-growing industry, and aligns her with her own personal health and fitness goals.

Zu also enjoys reading philosophy, jamming to tunes and discovering new places and activities. Though introverted, she is energized by meaningful connections with others alike. She also loves a good chat over good bites. Got a story to share? Let’s connect!