Our Awards of Excellence recognize leading companies and executives from across health, fitness, wellness and hospitality. Each award is given based on their achievements and successes in the past 12 months from April 2022 to April 2023 (in the Asia Pacific Region). This web page is private and only for meant for reference of the Judging Committee of the Awards.



Any fitness, wellness or lifestyle app (b2c and/or b2b) Award based on; positive impact on the consumer and/or industry; strength and depth of content; UX design functionality and responsiveness; new growth in APAC; future growth possibility across APAC; and the potential impact of future iterations.

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The Nominees Are:

Active Barn Go is the most complete Indonesia fitness, yoga and mindfulness apps (both available in iOS and Android). It was launched in April 2021 and in 6 months was recognized as the best fitness digital platform / apps in Asia and Indonesia in 2021 by Fitness Best Asia. The app is very extremely light and user friendly, has more than 100 video-on- demands ranging from 5-60 minutes and more than 55 live classes per week with more than 35 certified instructors. We aim to facilitate a strong fitness, yoga & mindfulness community in Indonesia through our app regardless of where you are. The target market not only B2C but also Active Barn Go have many B2B clients.

Founded with Chris Hemsworth in 2019, Centr is a leading multi-faceted health and wellness platform that brings together fitness, nutrition, and mental wellness in one app. Centr spans the three key health and wellness pillars of exercise, nutrition, and mindfulness to address our members holistic needs. Centr has been downloaded over 4 million times, in 200+ countries, and contains over 1000 unique workouts and 600 original recipes. In 2020 Centr subscriber numbers grew by 200%, with the platform expecting to see this growth trajectory continue as we work with the world’s best fitness and wellness experts to create new and compelling content to continue to engage with our current community and broaden our appeal to more markets and consumers.

ClassPass continued to dominate the landscape as APAC’s largest fitness and wellness aggregator – sending tens of millions in additional revenue to thousands of fitness and wellness venues across 10 countries in APAC, facilitating 10k+ daily reservations, led by Machine Learning and AI; with a sophisticated Netflix-style recommendation engine, and inventory management ‘Smart Tools ‘ – scaling prices and class spot allocations up or down based on up-to-the-minute supply and demand trends (similar to Uber or Grab).

In mid-2021 HealthifyMe, a fast-growing health and wellness platform from India, raised $75M in a Series C funding round. HealthifyMe also announced that it has crossed a $50 million revenue run rate in 2022 and is now all set to cross $100 million in ARR in the next eight months. HealthifyMe has seen more than 100 per cent growth over the last year with gross margins as high as 75 per cent.  In 2022 HealthifyMe also launched HealthifyPro, its flagship fitness plan that comes integrated with BIOS, a connected Smart Scale, an 80+ parameter metabolic panel (diagnostic test) and HealthifyMe’s coaches, Ria (HealthifyMe’s AI assistant). Fantastic growth and development all round.

One of the most widely used club based apps had a significant redesign, new features and UX/UI in 2022. Offering a diverse range of features for the user through, the new design offered pre programmed workouts, fitness tests, enhanced social and messaging platform and biometric integration. The seamless class booking provided operators a free live streaming platform via MZ-Remote feature, or members access to the diverse range of 24hr live and pre recorded virtual classes uniquely delivered with live streamed group heart rate.  Enhanced integrations and API’s allowed operators to host key features within their own platform and integrate data to club CRM.

REBEL is one of the fastest growing health & wellness companies in Asia. Since launching in September 2020, the REBEL app has helped over 500,000 people transform their lives through content and coaching. REBEL has developed over 1,000 unique, proprietary videos across fitness, food and wellness – the biggest native content library in the region – and empowered 100s of coaches to meet clients around the world through its first of a kind borderless online platform for personal and group coaching. REBEL is social media native with a following of 150k+ and the first Asian fitness brand to reach 100k followers on TikTok.

Ritual FIT is a home work out app which offers a scientifically balanced workout that varies daily and is customized to your fitness level and available equipment. With near-perfect 5-star reviews across all app stores and 55,000 downloads to date, users love Ritual FIT. Having been selected as ‘Editor’s Choice’ app and featured in the App Store, the app is now available in three languages (English, Spanish and Portuguese). This year the Ritual FIT app launched a freshly designed UI, and a slew of new features, including the ability to get personalized advice by measuring your heart rate variability (HRV) simply using their phone’s camera, new workout options, and the ability to schedule and track healthy habits.


Any government body, fitness, wellness or hospitality company, that operates or invests in APAC. Award based on; any deal that has a significant impact to the b2b and/or b2c fitness and wellness landscape in APAC (M&A, divestment, JV, listing, capital raise) – deal value; shareholder return; industry implications.

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The Nominees Are:

In October 2021, BFT partnered with Xponential Fitness Inc selling its intellectual property for $60million AUD, to help drive growth globally and provide additional brand strength for franchisees and members. BFT holds the rights to the brand globally outside of the USA and Canada, where Xponential Fitness will accelerate growth. This partnership means BFT will be able to leverage XPO’s industry leading resources, particularly in the technology space to continue to innovate and remain a global leader in group fitness. The partnership is set to double current studio sales and opening in the next 18 months.

Core, a portfolio company of US-based private equity firm Gainline Capital Partners LP, acquired Wexer Holding, a leader in digital health and fitness offerings. Financial terms of the transaction are private. The deal will provide Wexer with the funding to scale its business – including through significant acquisitions to consolidate the digital fitness sector – and drive digital adoption across the global health club sector.

Cult.fit and Gold’s Gym India (Acquisition) – App-based health and fitness platform Cult.fit acquired the India business of international fitness chain Gold’s Gym. Cult.fit will be investing in scaling the revenue of existing Gold’s Gym centres through top-of-the-line marketing endeavours and facilitating centre expansion via franchisees in coming years. Cult.fit will also be enabling all the Gold’s Gym centres with its industry leading centre-tech suite and customer app. Under Cult.fit, the Gold’s Gym brand will see expansion in key South Asian countries such as Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Maldives, Nepal and Bhutan.

To help businesses and their members get back on track after lockdown, Evolt launched their 0% Finance Deal. This interest-free 36-month offer, gave gyms the opportunity to immediately secure tools to drive members back into their clubs; generate additional income and give their business a competitive advantage, without the heavy capital outlay. This deal has had a significant & immediate impact on fitness & wellness businesses by providing the data to empower their members and guide their trainers to deliver the right programs for the individual. The revenue opportunities the Evolt provides has allowed businesses to immediately become cash-flow positive.

The global powerhouse company, Lift Brands, invested in Fitstop as a minor shareholder taking a 30% share in the company. This unique deal represents a value-aligned partnership where Fitstop retains control of its business while being supported by invaluable experience and networks from a global brand. Lift Brands will play a crucial role in international expansion by leveraging relationships in the opportunistic U.S market whilst expanding the portfolios of those in their current network. This partnership continues to elevate Fitstop’s reputation through extensive media coverage and global recognition.

Private equity firm HighPost, co-founded by Jeff Bezos’ brother Mark Bezos, has acquired digital fitness platform Centr and exercise equipment maker Inspire Fitness in a deal that will see the two companies merge. Centr, a personalized digital health and fitness platform founded by Australian actor Chris Hemsworth. The combined entity is reportedly valued at more than $200 million including debt.

The acquisition of Sweat® expands iFIT’s presence in the global digital fitness market and accelerates the company’s delivery of best-in-class interactive fitness experiences for consumers worldwide. Sweat® has engaged with millions of women around the world in their journeys to become healthier, stronger, and more confident. The Sweat® platform offers over 5,000 workouts across 26 exercise programs. Working with the Sweat® team, iFIT will use its experience and innovation in the connected fitness space to strengthen the Sweat® member experience, build brand presence in international markets, grow and diversify content offerings, including the introduction of cardio-based and equipment workouts

Mindbody is the leading experience technology platform for the fitness, beauty and wellness industries, serving tens of thousands of wellness businesses globally. With the recent acquisition of ClassPass, the leading global fitness and wellness membership, Mindbody connects millions of consumers with a rich community of wellness experience around the world. Together, the two companies are poised to revolutionize the wellness industry and support the industry through post-pandemic recovery and growth. The acquisition, which came with US $500m in additional funding, strengthens a global workforce to about 2000 people and services 15 countries in APAC alone.

UBX (pronounced “you-box”) signed a new partnership with Empowered Brands in the UK. The Australian based UBX are already the 2nd largest boxing franchise in the world, with 90+ gyms across Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. The deal with Empowered Brands paves the way for them to launch in the UK and Ireland with up to 250 new sites being developed.


Any fitness, wellness or lifestyle technology company (software, hardware, system or platform – b2c and/or b2b) Award based on; successful commercial expansion in APAC; future scalability; technology advancement; perception as industry gamechanger; positive return of investment to customer; and extent of industry collaboration.

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The Nominees Are:

Continued to dominate the landscape as APAC’s largest fitness and wellness aggregator – sending tens of millions in additional revenue to thousands of fitness and wellness venues across 10 countries in APAC, facilitating 10k+ daily reservations, led by Machine Learning and AI; with a sophisticated Netflix-style recommendation engine, and inventory management ‘Smart Tools ‘ – scaling prices and class spot allocations up or down based on up-to-the-minute supply and demand trends (similar to Uber or Grab).

Evolt is becoming the ultimate engagement tool, being the only product on the market that offers personalized calorie & macronutrient recommendations based on an individual’s true lean body mass as well as the ability to run automated challenges & unique data analytics. Evolt is rapidly expanding, now supplying to 29 countries worldwide. The proof of Evolt’s advanced technology lies in the significant increases in the first quarter from previous years of over 60% in product sales as well as over 35% in consumer engagement in new emerging vertical markets.

Ezypay is a leading FinTech in APAC, driving subscription payments expertise in Health & Fitness. In the last year, Ezypay expanded into South Korea (its 9th country) and now has more than 10 Membership Management platform integrations in the sector. Fit Summit award winning brands, such as Body Fit Training and Anytime Fitness, leverage Ezypay to drive their growth.

Glofox are more than software, they’re a movement, with humans at their heart. On a mission to democratize success for fitness operators of any size, anywhere, Glofox empowers business owners to realize their limitless potential. Acknowledged as a market leader twice by G2 in the past 12 months, they have unrivaled international reach spanning 80+ countries, serving 4 out of 10 the world’s most successful fitness franchises and thousands of independent operators. Last year the company doubled to 200 people with 40% in R&D. Glofox maintains an intelligent balance between providing innovative tech solutions and world-class service, revolutionizing the fitness software space.

For over 20 years, Freemotion has been an innovator, developing game-changing fitness equipment and technology to transform health and fitness facilities globally. Today, Freemotion cardio machines are powered by iFIT— the world’s #1 health and fitness platform— allowing users to work out in the most exciting destinations on Earth. Freemotion rebranded to Freemotion from iFIT, reflecting a shared vision with parent company, to offer genuine omnichannel solutions through iFIT. Today, iFIT has an ever-growing community of more than six million members in over 120 countries. Technology is more than a word at Freemotion, and its more than a fitness manufacturer. Freemotion and iFIT empower users with immersive, inclusive and rewarding health and fitness experiences.

In 2022 Hyperice advanced the recovery technology category in APAC by inking deals with premium professional sports teams, physical therapy and gym partners throughout the region, while simultaneously expanding distribution into ten new countries and was named the official recovery brand of Forbes Travel. Under the direction of a new Head of Asia-Pacific, Rodney Block, Hyperice scaled its footprint globally via innovative and best-in-class marketing and business development strategies in support of its mission to help the world move better. In line with Hyperice’s prioritization of mental wellness, the company also introduced the first corporate wellness program in Australia.

Mindbody reserves its place as the leading experience technology platform for the fitness, beauty and wellness industries through a deep, symbiotic connection to its customers. Through these relationships, Mindbody is able to constantly evolve to its suite of software to meet the unique needs of the ever-changing wellness industry. Mindbody provides wellness businesses with tools for online booking, scheduling, reporting, client retention, marketing and more in an easy-to-navigate platform that allows operators to grow, adapt and focus on what they love most – their customers.

Mobio Interactive meets the exploding demand for mental healthcare with AI-powered digital theragnostics. They deliver clinically validated psychotherapy programmes that are personalised with cutting-edge computer vision quantifingy mental wellbeing from mobile selfie video. MI serves a variety of conditions, from postpartum depression to paediatric brain injury. Globally significant milestones: 1) accurate measure of stress from mobile selfies, 2) app-based meditation that outperforms placebo, 3) objective personalisation delivering 2.5x efficacy, 4) FDA Breakthrough Designation for mental illness in cancer. The company’s unique go-to-market strategy spans established and emerging markets, deliving precision psychiatry at scale for the first time in history.

Myzone is adopted in over 2,000 facilities and expanded to 16 countries in APAC, as a member engagement and retention tool. Continuing its growth in 21/22, Myzone secured a US $17.2 million investment, and released its updated V3 in-club software with improved navigation and tools, class control, scheduling and additional indoor cycling functionality. A significant app redesign included new features and UX/UI in 2022, with 24hr virtual class timetable with live streamed group heart rate. The MZ-Switch launched in 2021, received two independent innovation awards and Myzone launched new partnerships and enhanced API’s/SDK integrations. In March 2022, Myzone revealed its MZ-Smart Station instructorless video class delivery platform.

OliveX in the past 12 months has enjoyed commercial expansion in APAC (with new partners, Go24, Gym Aesthetics, Gold’s Gym Indonesia, and verbally agreed to partner with HSBC Asia. Dustland Runner – 10,000 DAU). We now have future scalability with offices open in Offices in HK, UK, Australia, Thailand, and Vietnam. We have advanced our tech and transitioned the team into blockchain engineers, focusing on blockchain gaming and NFT creation. In addition, we released our fitness token, the DOSE token. We have further industry collaboration by signing 11 b2b commercial partnerships in 2022, ensured positive return on investment to customers and continued to be perceived as industry game changers through our leadership in the metaverse and Web 3.0.

OSbiome is building the world’s first Web3 Health-to-Earn game rewarding users with tokens for being healthy. Building on top of their proprietary bioAI engine, they provide owners of their Ome NFT collections simple health quests that are crafted to improve their unique health needs. Their vision is to make health accessible to everyone and save 1.5M lives every year. 

Created in February 2021 during COVID, when borders were closed and people re-entering Asian countries had to quarantine in dedicated hotels. Onesprint settled partnerships with more than 12 hotels* to offer rental of workout equipment/indoor bikes to transform regular rooms into Fit-Rooms, in order to assure the wellbeing of their customers and to increase revenue for Hotels. 100 000 Fit-Room nights were sold in less than 1 year (during and after covid) thanks to Onesprint’s business model (no investment for hotel but profit sharing) and its booking software. Post Covid, Onesprint is now expanding its operations in Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and Dubai with its own brand of Smart Indoor Bike and continues to provide in room wellness experience.

Perfect Gym is a mobile-first all-in-one global SaaS gym management platform. Its 25% year on year pandemic growth in APAC is driven by the need to deliver customer centric digital transformation in the fitness industry. An open API approach positions Perfect Gym at the centre of the fitness ecosystem, with partners including Keepme and EGYM as well as a choice of payment providers. Perfect Gym’s growing portfolio in region includes high-end chains such as Babel and the innovative GoFit, by Evolution Wellness. Their integrated ecosystem on the Perfect Gym platform provides hardware and experiences for a transformative 24-hour access facility.

Innovation has always been a key factor behind Technogym growth. Over the years Technogym has developed an industry unique ecosystem made of connected smart equipment, apps, services and Technogym Live on demand video content available both on equipment consoles and apps. Technogym Ecosystem represents a great opportunity for operators to increase members attraction and retention with innovative and personalized services and offers end users a fully personalize experience anytime and anywhere: at the gym at home at hotels at medical center and corporate facilities.

Therabody has achieved great success in the APAC region and globally, from product innovation to retail expansion to marketing, to redefine modern health and well-being. Some highlights include: (1) Opening hundreds of retail doors in APAC in the last 12 months. (2) Expanding e-commerce presence in India, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, and Vietnam, across retailers including Lazada, Shopee, and Amazon. (3) Activating in APAC markets with athletes and influential sports figures including US basketball player James Harden and Australian rugby player Nat Fyfe. (4) Partnering with China’s biggest running platform JoyRun and fitness community Les Mills to create an active wellness community.

Wellness content is soaring in popularity and Wexer’s API + SDK allow companies to seamlessly integrate Wexer’s ever-growing on-demand library of classes for their users– with the option to also easily upload their own. In 2021, Australian telecoms giant Optus partnered with Wexer for its app, demonstrating Wexer’s infinite scalability.


Any fitness or wellness company, that operates or invests in Asia-Pacific Award based on; market leadership; successful expansion of existing business(es); launch of new product lines; new technology adoption internally and externally; business/product innovation; strength of industry relations; and overall industry/customer reputation.

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The Nominees Are:

Collective Wellness Group is driven by our purpose to Inspire Healthier Lives and we are passionate about the important role we can play in changing people’s lives for the better, every day. We also recognise that health is more than just fitness; physical health is intrinsically linked to mental, emotional, social, and spiritual wellbeing. We have partnered with The Rise Foundation and The Resilience Project, providing our employees with the support and the practical strategies to improve their mental health and have also created the 2/12 initiative, where CWG employees participate in a minimum of 2 fitness/wellness activities per month for the year. As a result, employee engagement has improved from 63% to 78% (YoY), a true testament to CWG’s purpose to Inspire Healthier Lives.

Cult.fit had a ground-breaking year with a number of key acquisitions, fund infusions, and significant expansion, thus, gaining more momentum across the Indian and international marketplace. In 2021, Cult.fit became India’s largest at-home fitness equipment player, forayed into smart fitness equipment, and entered the coveted ‘Unicorn’ club. It also acquired the India arm of international fitness chain Gold’s Gym cementing its position as India’s largest health and fitness platform. Now, housing multiple fitness brands under it, Cult.fit has the widest network of gyms & centres alongside expansive online offerings servicing a total of 2+ Million users.

endota is an indigenous word meaning ‘beautiful’ and is Australia’s leading wellbeing brand.  Endota has almost 120 spa locations internationally, with over 2,000 employees.  Endota provides diploma education across 3 wellness colleges and has its award-winning and COSMOS certified skincare ranged in over almost 400 locations and online.  endota spa welcomes nearly a million visitors every year to deliver high performing results, while taking inspiration from nature and its power to heal and has a dedicated subscriber base of members to its online wellbeing platform.

Consecutively awarded the Most Satisfied Customer four times and a 5-Star Rating for “Overall Atmosphere” (Canstar Blue, 2021), F45 Training utilises a fitness programming algorithm and delivers daily technology-enabled workouts across APAC’s footprint of 914 studios. F45 expanded by launching FS8 (low-impact workouts) with 120 franchises sold in 12 months, and studios opening across the globe later this year. F45 also listed on the New York Stock Exchange in 2021, demonstrating the company’s ownership of share of voice and influence within the fitness industry, while bolstering its international credibility and offering to attract both potential franchisees and members.

Inspire Brands Asia continues to be at the top race in countries like Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines as it did in Hongkong and Indonesia. Expanding never stops as IBA successfully opens 27 new gyms in 2021 with a 23% growth in active members. Back-to-back with launches of new product lines/ branches such as new club designs and an online platform, the afconnect.coach. As a stellar brand in the fitness/wellness industry, IBA embraces digital transformation and continues to evolve. Truly, Inspire Brands Asia is “Your Health and Fitness Partner.”

We’re future-proofing clubs by ensuring instructors and members remain engaged in-club, at-home and on-the-go through omni-channel fitness solutions including: hosting Les Mills workouts on a club’s own app/website; live-streaming Les Mills classes using royalty-free music; revenue-sharing as a LES MILLS+ Affiliate; and customised instructor training for clubs in regional/rural areas. We developed ‘The Ultimate Group Fitness Solution’, which includes omni-channel fitness solutions to keep members, clubs and instructors connected everywhere they go (i.e., in-club, at-home, on-the-go). These include LES MILLS® Virtual, LES MILLS Content and recorded live-stream; LES MILLS+ (GX classes at home), live-streaming of Les Mills classes, and more!

The Lift Brands portfolio has undergone a dramatic period of growth across the last 12 months, adding more than 90 clubs to its portfolio, during the COVID lockdown!! Snap Fitness has becomes Australia’s fastest growing 24/7 brand in 2021 and awarded the “Best Fitness Franchise” winner at the 2022 Global Franchise Awards. In addition the strategic investment in Fitstop has supported that brand juggernaut into Australia’s second fastest growing fitness brand position, launching in New Zealand and the USA in 2022.

Vietnam’s first/only homegrown wellness consulting & management / wellness retreat tour operator. We create unique wellness concepts, design inspired spaces and develop transformative experiences, while overseeing the full scope of strategic support including; technical services, pre-opening & training, operational management, quality assurance and global sales distribution. Our holistic approach delivers wellness experiences that transcend traditional spas & hospitality, by empowering individuals to thrive, lighting the way for our collective wellbeing.

Combining alternative and conventional approaches in healthcare and wellness to increase the healthspan and achieve optimal longevity. Launching clinical research into natural therapies in 2021 as well as expanding with Chivitr x Miskawaan Resort and Clinic in Phuket, Thailand where traditional Thai and Chinese therapies are combined with functional medicine and physiotherapies. Unique approaches to health optimization and biohacking are implemented across all 3 facilities of the group (Bangkok, Samui and Phuket) including proprietary treatment combinations developed in Germany, highly trained manual therapists and a full spectrum of alternative practices.

Nimbus were Australia’s first infrared sauna studio but it now has four studios which also have retail and multi-modality health practitioners. It’s a one-stop-shop for all holistic health and wellness. This year they launched www.nimbusonline.com.au which is a content platform that provides health advice. They’ve also launched their own product range and expanded globally. A great conscious business that puts out only positive energy.

Market leadership; in India and has successfully expanded existing business plus launch of new product lines;like their app, supplement line and a budget gym concept called ZONE360 with new technology. One of the top 10 best gyms in the world . Quality over quantity philosophy which is rare in the industry. The only fitness clubs to hv Versace. Nitrro is one the world’s fastest growing fitness chains. Nitrro as the name would have it is already winning several accolades in India and abroad for their Uber luxurious look and feel, their top of the line equipment and their impeccable service. Already on their 11th centre they are located in various parts of India and soon to open in Dubai marking their international presence.


Any fitness, wellness or lifestyle franchise, that operates or invests in Asia-Pacific Award based on; success of existing portfolio in APAC; recent net growth of franchisees in APAC; net growth of member rate in APAC; industry reputation; consumer reputation; franchise leadership; and investment on customer experience.

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The Nominees Are:

In the past year, AFA numbers remain increasing exponentially on its net growth franchises from 350 to 377. Net growth year-on-year from 27% to 33%. Anytime Fitness Asia speaks highly about promoting a healthy lifestyle achieving a net growth active member rate from 135,000 to 167,000. Anytime Fitness Asia proudly shares its innovation in delivering a quality customer experience. From convenience to coaching and to enable members to get their results. Anytime Fitness Asia is taking the lead to further its reach and launching an Online membership scheme to help members in coaching, nutrition, and recovery. Also, afconnect.coach, partnerships with market leaders – Les Mills, Myzone, IFA, and Evolt.

Our mission is to lead the fitness industry in advocating inclusivity – by transforming our culture, environment, and member experience. Our new campaign Any Body, Any Time has sparked a wider business mission to make Anytime Fitness the most welcoming gym in Australia. With a powerful purpose-driven business-wide transformation for inclusivity, launching a 4-year action plan for inclusion, diversity and equality and partnering with minority organisations WeFlex and Proud 2 Play. Together we collaborated to support genuine diversity and inclusion across 500+ gyms: including accessibility audits, staff education, local community outreach and consultation with LGBTIQA+ groups. This has brought about an 8% brand lift (from a 2% goal), 104% increase in search conversion year on year, 90% year on year increase in branded search volume with nearly 1 new member joining every minute.

With 370 franchises sold globally, BFT will continue to expand with forecasted studios in Taiwan, Indonesia and UK before the end of 2022. BFT currently has 190 open studios, supporting 45,000 members around the world, demonstrating a studio growth rate of 78% and a member growth rate of 70% in the last 12 months (124 sales and 84 openings in 2021). BFT’s investment in the member experience has included extensive investment in technology; launching our bespoke HR system, implementing our trainer education program and significant additional HQ support.

endota is Australia’s largest wellbeing brand welcoming three quarters of a million visitors yearly to over 100 spas with a database of 2 million clients. endota has grown by 20% in revenue YOY with another 9 spas set to open, plus several additional locations in APAC & North America planned.  With award winning and COSMOS certified skincare products that are Australian made, consciously created, and distributed to 11 countries, 3 wellness colleges fostering the growth of the next leaders in spa and wellness, and an online wellness retreat, endota is a leading franchise in the global wellness industry. 

The Fastest-Growing Fitness Franchisor in the world, F45 Training has grown system-wide sales across the APAC region by a 16% CAGR from 2017-2021, supported by a total studio CAGR of 14% and a membership CAGR of 8%. Consecutively awarded the Most Satisfied Customer four times (Canstar Blue, 2021), F45 Training has invested in the customer experience via continued innovation in the F45 Challenge app and LionHeart heart-rate monitors. The company’s turnkey business solution and technology-enabled delivery platform have enabled F45 to rapidly become a global industry leader with a footprint of 914 studios in APAC alone.

FIRE Fit has expanded recently from Malaysia to Sydney, Australia, and Abu Dhabi, UAE, which opened in October 2021 and March 2022 respectively. A further three sites are slated to open in Oman and Gold Coast, Australia, later this year. Incredibly exciting times for the brand. FIRE Fit delivers six cutting-edge streams across its FORCE, RIDE, STRIDE, STRIKE, BARRE, and REVOLUTION programmes. Combined with tech from partners such as Impact Wrap, CloudFit, and Self Loops, members experience greater immersion, personalisation, and motivation in every class – proven through an average class attendance rate of more than 10 visits a month per member.

Fitstop is on their journey to become the home of functional fitness, globally. They invest heavily in marketing, operational resources and technology to ensure all Fitstop locations open in profitability with a high return on investment. Through comprehensive benchmarking dashboards, the launch of e-learning and the control of the Fitstop App, they prioritise operational success to ensure all locations are empowered to grow. They achieved a membership growth of 49.09%, bringing them to an incredible 16,900 lives impacted across 79 locations in Australia and New Zealand with further global locations to be announced. They’ve invested significantly in technology and human behaviour to support member engagement and make informed decisions based on key member metrics.

KX Pilates is a 12 year-young, boutique Reformer Pilates Fitness Franchise with over 100 studios operating across Australia, Jakarta and China. Masters in Taiwan, Macau, Hong Kong and New Zealand are onboarding. Our purpose is to Change Lives for the Better.  We develop passionate clients into Trainers, Trainers into Team Leaders or Studio Owners and Owners to Multi-Studio Owners.  We measure success by the satisfaction of our Clients, Trainers and Owners rather than the size of our network. We are proud to achieve an Owner NPS that is significantly above the Franchise Industry benchmark (FRI survey 2022).

Freshly crowned as Australia’s fastest growing 24/7 brand in 2021, Snap Fitness has further embarked on a global brand re-positioning to focus on their mission to “help people create positive lifestyle habits that make them feel fantastic”. The newly launched Snap App and step by step approach to help every member achieve their goals enables the belief that how exercise makes you feel is just as important as how it makes you look. Snap Fitness was also thrilled to receive the “Best Fitness Franchise” winner 2022 Global Franchise Awards.

With 14 gyms in Singapore, it’s first international gym now open in Dubai and 2 further gyms planned for opening in Australia this year, Spartans Boxing Club’s focus on community and authentic boxing is proving a real success story. The Spartans offering has targeted the nexus between physical fitness, community engagement, technology and, most recently, boxing as a mechanism to support the mind. Global deals including a digitised franchise management system, Branded App, as well as exclusive online and VOD classes and the latest bag technology, have set the business up for rapid growth as a world class franchise offering.

TRIB3 continues to attack the market with full throttle. In late 2021 it announced its move into London with its first stores set to open in Ealing and Balham in Spring 2022. Further accelerated growth across the UK is also underway. The company continues to drive significant overseas growth with new openings in Spain, the Netherlands, mainland Europe and the US. TRIB3 is set for further expedited growth following the recent announcement of two new territories (Greece and Cyprus) joining the TRIB3 franchise network. TRIB3 now boasts ten international territories within its portfolio, with more to follow this year.

UBX (pronounced “you-box”) signed a new partnership with Empowered Brands in the UK. The Australian based UBX are already the 2nd largest boxing franchise in the world, with 90+ gyms across Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. The deal with Empowered Brands paves the way for them to launch in the UK and Ireland with up to 250 new sites being developed.

During Covid UFC GYM made a decision to reduce our priority on profit and increase the support of our global franchise platform as every fitness organization felt material pain driven by business disruption.  Through Fitness Empathy we have been able to realize significant success.  UFC GYM was able to grow and keep our APAC locations and partners operational.  This includes but is not limited to: adding 12 locations throughout the US(Corp & Franchise) including Hawaii. Adding additional locations in Singapore(1), Australia(2), China(1), Russia(1),  and Macau(1). Securing new territories in Thailand, Macau,  and Mongolia(all new in 2021) with a commitment to build 45 locations over 10 years. Supporting current partners in Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Mongolia, China, Canada, Chile, New Zealand, India, Macau, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Australia, Uzbekistan, Japan and  Russia. With the 2021 momentum of 18 new locations, 3 new territories and over 250 gyms committed, UFC GYM is geared up for future success. 

Since day one, World Gym Australia have always focussed on a “member first” experience for those wanting results, which has fuelled consistent growth nationally.  We have added 6 new locations in the past 12 months (34 in total), three were existing owners who reinvested in additional locations. We upgraded and expanded older facilities and increased member visits by 28% year on year (despite covid), while adding an additional 20,000 members now totalling 125,000. Proudly, World Gym has an NPS score of 70, above the industry average, indicating our members are engaged with World Gym, their gym. Seriously fun fitness.


Any fitness, wellness hospitality or lifestyle executive who operates or works in Asia-Pacific. Award based on; market leadership; recognised thought leadership reputation; successful company performance; positive shareholder ROI; future growth potential in APAC; promotion of new technology adoption, diversity and industry collaboration; and creation of industry leading partnerships.

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The Nominees Are:

Alicia and Peter Thew, Founders, Yoga Movement – the couple behind the brand started out 10 years ago with an intention to make Yoga more accessible. With a focus on high standards of Brand & Service, the homegrown and home-owned brand boasts 9 studios, an industry leading training academy (YMA), a world class vertical APP (Business management system, Content Management System, Social Network, booking and payment gateway), and a recently established Licensed Partner System set to bolster the brands growth through the region. The founders have built a clear base for growth for one of the regions most beloved fitness lifestyle brands.

Chris Caldwell, CEO, Lift Brands APAC, with 20 years franchise experience, has been the driver of this astronomical growth of more than 90 additional locations during the COVID lockdown period. Delivering record EBITDA growth and EBITDA results for the portfolio of brands. Spearheading the Fitstop investment to support the ongoing growth of the brand which has now launched into New Zealand and the USA. Chris also sits on the Fitstop board as a non-executive director.

Sydney was in Lockdown for 4 months in 2021 but that didn’t slow down Australia’s Young Entrepreneur of the Year, Justin Ashley. He saw the pandemic as an opportunity for acceleration and innovation into two key spaces: Wellness and Education. This drove the strategy to open Wellness Playground in October, a multi-service boutique that has received global recognition. And Ashley’s frustration with the current education system drove him to open his own Academy. The keystone product is the “Industry Ready Program” which has already helped 500 fitness professionals in the areas that truly drive success: coaching people and operating a business.

One of the founding fathers of the boutique fitness sector. As a pioneer of the boutique fitness model across UK and Europe, Kevin founded TRIB3 after decades of international experience in the health and leisure sector, creating and nurturing disruptive market-leading concepts. Having worked across numerous brands and with a consistent track record of shareholder value creation in the PE and PLC sectors, Kevin has conceived, over his career, four new health and leisure businesses, raising capital investment and delivering significant co-founder returns. In late 2015 he founded TRIB3 with the vision of building a global community underpinned by a unique and next-level workout experience. TRIB3 now has more than seventy franchised stores secured across ten international territories.

In 22 years, Melanie has grown endota into Australia’s largest wellbeing brand with over 120 spa locations internationally, 3 wellness colleges, award winning skincare and an online wellbeing Retreat platform for consumers and corporate customers.  With Melanie’s heart-led leadership, endota has successfully navigated the many challenges of the past three years and delivered 20% growth in revenue YOY.  In 2022 Endota opened eight locations with another nine spas opening soon and completed the purchase of several franchise locations.  endota skincare is now distributed in 11 countries and endota continues to explore new distribution and licencing agreements overseas. 

Mukesh Bansal, CEO, Cult.fit, has been at the forefront of what has been a transformational year for Cult.fit with its acquisitions, fundraise, and significant expansion in scale. He has spearheaded the post-pandemic revival of business and cemented Cult.fit as India’s largest online and offline fitness player. Under his leadership, Cult.fit has forged strategic partnerships and forayed into newer categories and segments, such as at-home and smart connected equipment, further diversifying its portfolio and enabling the reach of online and offline fitness at a larger scale.

Leading both the Collective Wellness Group (CWG) and Anytime Fitness (AF) brand, Nicole Noye has spearheaded AF’s ambition to be Australia’s most welcoming gym network through the brand’s Belong values, IDEA (Inclusivity, Diversity, Equity and Action) Plan and partnerships. Nicole has teamed up with The Rise Foundation and The Resilience Project, to provide employees with support and practical strategies to look after their own wellbeing and improve their mental health. The most recent CWG employee engagement survey saw a YoY improvement of 63% to 78% .The net promoter score saw a shift from -28% to +33% (+ 218% YoY) and is a true testament to Nicole’s leadership and the positive impact that these initiatives have had on the business and employee sentiment.

Paul joined Wexer in 2014, bringing with him a hybrid vision that was far ahead of its time. Leading the brand’s evolution from B2C product to B2B market leader, from the outset Paul positioned Wexer as a partner in keeping gyms relevant in a digital world, using technology to help operators reach beyond their physical facilities. He transitioned Wexer from hardware provider to software-based content ecosystem and tripled fitness experiences delivered from 8–25 million (2018–2020); opened Wexer’s APAC office and spearheaded the groundbreaking Optus partnership (2021) – powerful evidence of Wexer’s cross-sector, cross-societal relevance; and, eyeing new opportunities to scale and accelerate fitness sector hybridisation, was the driving force behind Wexer’s acquisition by Core Health & Fitness (2022).

Passionate Founder and CEO of Fitstop, led the brand to nearly double its footprint across new states in Australia and in NZ, in 12 months, and has grown shareholder value with the global investment of Lift Brands into Fitstop. Pete is a leading voice for ensuring Fitstop is an innovative technology and data-driven business. His investments in technology is why Fitstop is thriving today with a vision of going against the grain in the industry and being the first to have a custom-built App. Pete is also driving future growth in Singapore and the U.S markets, he instigated a one-of-a-kind long-term partnership with the Gold Coast Titans NRL team and is at the forefront of Fitstop’s high performing HQ team, he leads with exceptional operational rhythms and focuses on creating visionary leaders.

The pandemic saw LMAP lose 95% of its activities through club closures. However, Ryan Hogan’s consistent leadership and intelligent decision-making ensured: the health, safety and wellbeing of staff; team cohesion despite work-from-home orders for all staff across APAC; and consistent delivery of solutions and support to clubs and instructors in 14 different countries, in response to their respective – and ever-changing – COVID-19 regulations. Ryan’s ability to problem-solve with logic, sensibility and courage have since resulted in a near-100% restoration of Les Mills group fitness activities in Australian-based clubs, studios and centres, with some clubs in Southeast Asia not far behind.

Founder & CEO of global multi-award-winning eco-holistic spa “The Day Spa – Jorja James” located in Penrith, Sydney, Australia for over 21 years. Expanding into three sites across Penrith and an e-commerce store, Samantha most recently was a board member of Hair & Beauty Australia (HABA) and is known as Australia’s leading eco-holistic and sustainable spa & wellness operator, and educator, speaker & advocate. A highly trained Spa & Wellness Therapist with qualifications in; Pregnancy Massage Therapist, Oncology Beauty Therapist, Meditation Practitioner, Reiki Practitioner, Energy & Lightworker & NLP Practitioner.

Heading India’s fastest growing fitness chain Nitrro Fitness this sassy director is all work! She has taken nitrro from its first gym to 11 gyms soaring into the Fitness market! Soon to open their first international franchise Nitrro is what she lives and breathes for! Nitrro stands for Uber luxury , their returns on investment are like no other!

Corporate Wellness
Company of the Year

Any health, fitness or wellness company that operates or invests in Asia-Pacific. Award based on; enhancing the health and well-being of employees; leveraging technology for optimal engagement; promotion of physical, mental and emotional wellbeing; supportive and educational environments – both digitally and physically; innovative engagement; successful business expansion; and overall industry reputation.

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The Nominees Are:

ClassPass doubled down on its APAC corporate wellness business, tripling its team size and investment into the region, adding almost 100 new corporate partners in APAC alone; including the likes of Netflix, Facebook, P&G, PayPal, KPMG, Deliveroo, Toyota, and McKinsey. ClassPass now partners with hundreds of large employers in 10 APAC countries, allowing access to 4k+ fitness and wellness locations in the region, and thousands of pieces of on-demand content. With workforces dispersing away from the office and business travel returning, ClassPass’s diverse fitness and wellness footprint means all employees have access to a range of experiences near their office, home, or on their travels; given ClassPass ‘credits work seamlessly – without FX fees – anywhere in the world.

CXA provides workplaces with the tools to drive improvements in employee physical, financial and mental wellness, including: 1) Providing employees with an e-wallet to shift some of their company-funded insurance and medical spend into wellness services and rewarding them for health improvements. 2) Providing corporates the predictive, statistical analytics of high risk groups and potential savings from mitigation strategies and disease management programs. 3) Generating personal care plans and suggested interventions for each employee based on their lifestyle, biomarkers, claims and activities. 4) Helping employers set up cultures of health with onsite health screening, health talks and corporate wellness programs.

92% of Singaporeans report being stressed and 80% of people in Asia report being “always on” which contributes to 160,000 people admitted to hospital for stress-related illness yearly and SGD2.4bn of health expenditure in Singapore. Evexia Collective is a start-up focused on preventative mental wellbeing for corporates and employees, putting mental fitness on par with physical fitness. Through in person (workshops, mental workouts etc) and online products (a mobile app), Evexia Collective fosters mental strength amongst employees so that they are happier, healthier and more productive at work. We work with business leaders to reduce attrition, reduce the costs of poor mental health and make them an employer of choice.

A fantastic year for the Australian born and based Pinnacle Health Group who have successfully expanded their corporate wellness business to include over 200 mid to large organisations across APAC using innovation and technology to assist with the evolving hybrid workplace. Pinnacle continue to pioneer workplace wellness in Australia with wellbeing programs, health checks, ergonomic assessments and on-site education and workouts. Since establishing CBD-based health clinics and helping ANZ Bank pioneer the first corporate wellness centre in Australia in 2010, Co-Founders, Tom Bosna and Josh Lambert, have grown a passionate team that guides hundreds of thousands of employees and their workplaces towards better health.

wellteq successfully listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange and in the U.S. under OTCQB. wellteq extended its relationship with the one of Australia’s largest Insurers by 3 years (while also extending the offering out to all Australians) and one for the world’s largest financial institutions by 5 years. wellteq undertook a complete software re-architecture (API driven microservices architecture), enabling wellteq to offer a full digital wellness solution or individual components to be integrated into external systems. wellteq launched its new Internet-of-Medical-Things (IoMT) HealthHub hardware into beta production and into clinical research studies. This innovation extends wellteq’s capabilities into condition management and virtual primary care.

Hotel / Resort / Spa
Company of the Year

Any hotel, resort, spa or retreat operating in, or out of, Asia-Pacific. Award based on: incorporating holistic health/fitness/wellness programs across their properties; pioneering new and emerging services relating to health, fitness and wellness; investment in new/improved facilities for guest experience; addition of wellbeing as a company pillar; and industry leadership.

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The Nominees Are:

Wellness is a key part of Accor with 6 defining wellness pillars: Nutrition, Design & Environment, Physical Activity & Sport, Spa, Mental Wellbeing & Mindfulness and Digital Wellbeing. Highlights of Accor brands in the last year included Pullman becoming our first boutique fitness hotel brand, with around the clock innovative fitness classes, Ambassador programmes and our Pullman “Power Fitness” Vehicle. Fairmont overtook a new corporate spa identity. Swissôtel relaunched their Vitality concept (inc. signature rooms designed as a sanctuary, with materials, fittings, technologies, and services). Raffles’ emotional WellBeing delivered a new design concept: Second Nature®; a unique program based on non-traditional Feng Shui design. At group level we launched an online program of wellness educations, as well as the Health to Wealth podcast.

Designed to regenerate your body and mind, Aro Ha’s programs are based on research that suggests we can fundamentally transform our physical and emotional health through our daily habits. Waking to the beautiful chimes of a Tibetan bowl, you’ll begin your day watching the sunrise over the mountains from the yoga studio. After a perfectly balanced and nourishing breakfast, you’ll explore the subalpine trails, immersing yourself in the transformative power of nature. Mindfulness practices will be interwoven throughout your day as you partake in carefully curated activities; from cooking classes to functional strength training. Take time to unwind in the infrared sauna before you are called into your daily massage.

Named after the constellation whose brightest star is Capella, Auriga offers guests a new wellness philosophy centered around the three main pillars of enriching the mind, body and soul accomplished through wellness, fitness, and holistic therapies created to counteract the challenges and effects of our modern lifestyle and provide guests with the space to heal and regenerate.

Built on the philosophy of the Four Pillars of JOALI BEING, Mind, Skin, Microbiome and Energy, our nature-immersive island retreat combines deeply therapeutic treatments with transformative experiences allowing our guests to pursue both regenerative and sustainable lifestyle changes. Merging a scientific approach by incorporating technology for physical assessments with play and experiential therapies we are gently guiding our sojourners to explore new ways of being, enjoying and embodying each moment. Our CORE facility, an ample zone dedicated to the exploration of movement, longevity, and performance is fitted with the latest technology and Technogym equipment including strength, cardio, and kinetic training.

Kamalaya did not shut through the pandemic and kept its doors open. It also launched new wellness programs, as well as Kamalaya Connect, its new digital ondemand service and a new collaboration with fashion house Sretsis. At the 2022 World Spa & Wellness Awards, Kamalaya received for the fourth time the honour of being named ‘Worldwide Health & Wellness Destination of the Year’. In late 2021 at the Destination Deluxe Awards, Kamalaya won ‘Wellness Retreat of the Year’ for the third year in a row, as well as 3rd runner up in ‘Wellness Cuisine of the Year’ category. Kamalaya also proudly celebrated the Kinnari Gold Award in the Wellness Retreat category at the 13th biannual Tourism Authority of Thailand Awards.

Far East Hospitality’s latest venture, Oasia Resort Sentosa and Oasia Spa, was conceived to make wellness accessible to all. Guests can find a selection of wellness itinerary designed to elevate one’s body and mind, alongside a spectrum of thoughtful amenities, and enjoy award-winning spa treatments for a holistic restorative journey.

A new, integrative wellbeing brand, Soneva Soul harnesses Soneva’s 27-year history as a pioneer in wellness and luxury hospitality. Launched in December 2021, the concept combines modern scientific innovation with thousands of years of healing wisdom. It is illuminated by ancient practices that include Ayurveda, herbalism, medicinal mushrooms and Traditional Chinese Medicine, alongside restorative innovations such as cryotherapy, protein-rich plasma, prolotherapy, hyperbaric oxygen and vitamin therapy. With inspiring settings surrounded by nature’s healing beauty at Soneva’s resorts and globally in selected iconic partner Hotels and Resorts, Soneva Soul curates personalised wellness journeys for every guest, guided by resident experts and a global network of acclaimed visiting wellness specialists.

Global multi-award-winning eco-holistic ethical and sustainable spa “The Day Spa” is a luxurious and tranquil oasis in Penrith, Sydney, Australia for over 21 years featuring three sites and an e-commerce store. Facilities are beautifully appointed with recycled, upcycled and repurposed materials from Bali, Turkey and India, as guests transcend to a place of total relaxation and bliss through customised 5-star pampering and wellness solutions performed to the utmost highest standards performed by Australia’s leading Beauty & Spa Therapists using the latest technology and advanced eco-holistic products on the market today. Founder & CEO Samantha Oraya is known as Australia’s leading eco-holistic and sustainable spa & wellness operator, and educator, speaker & advocate. A highly skilled Beauty, Spa & Wellness Therapist with additional qualifications in; Pregnancy Massage, Oncology Beauty Therapist, Meditation & Reiki Practitioner, Energy & Lightworker and NLP Practitioner.

Boutique of the Year

Any small-mid sized fitness, wellness or lifestyle business that operates or invests in Asia-Pacific. Award based on; focus on delivering personalized business services to members; unique studio designs and innovative on-site customer experiences; focus on community engagement and growth; adoption of technology; and successful business expansion nationally/internationally.

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The Nominees Are:

AQ Strong started as a Pop Up concept in Hong Kong in the middle of the Protests and start of the Pandemic. The Athletic Center opened its doors in April 2021 and faced challenges well beyond new business startups. The Semi-Private Coaching concept, Athletic Quotient method and integration of sports technology into all areas, along with a support business designed to constantly educate members and professionals have seen the brand grow to more than 300 members and 1 Million+ USD in first year of operations. The brand continues to operate in a challenging environment but is committed to leading Hong Kong in health, fitness and empowering athletically minded individuals through purpose driven coaching. We submit our nomination and hope we can be seen as a leader and shining example of innovation and resilience for the industry in Asia.

At CorePlus, we pride ourselves on our unique Pilates and yoga classes, training and development of instructors, and innovative systems to deliver personalised experiences for our community of 7000+ members. Our award-winning architect creates bespoke studio environments, including the development of a signature CorePlus scent. We partnered with the Australian Open, countless schools, corporate partners and sporting clubs, continuing our commitment to community engagement. Over the past year we’ve doubled the number of studios, launched a Master Franchise in Canada, and begun expansion into Singapore and USA. Plus, the release of our App helped reach a new, online global community.

First of its kind lifestyle centre for seniors in Malaysia, provides a holistic value-based care on seniors’ lifestyles for preventive care. Focus on physical fitness, mental fitness, nutritional and social wellbeing. Its centre of excellence consists of the World’s Leading technology for exercise, rehab and inclusive wellness with advanced technology that allows users to monitor their progress. A State-of-the-Art Medical Gym for seniors using pneumatic technology devices to strengthen muscles, improve gait, balance and cognition abilities. Customized training program for each individual that can be tracked by a smart computerized system, auto adjustable load and electronically movable seats with a touch of an RFID tag. Progressive report for users to monitor their performance from time to time.

KX Pilates is a 12 year-young, boutique Pilates Fitness Franchise with 100+ studios operating across APAC. 3 key pillars create the boutique KX Experience – Highly Trained KX Instructors, the 50 minute fully-body dynamic Reformer Pilates Workout and the Studio Environment. Over the past year, we have prioritised Trainer development through our KX Academy and free Master Classes (some via online) to ensure Trainers remain engaged, and continue delivering the quality KX workout our clients know and love. We have also focused on upgrading studios and rolling out the KX Former™ – a proprietary reformer bed co-designed with Balanced Body – a world first partnership.

Inspired by the architectural opulence of Southeast Asia, sustainability was a significant consideration in the design of Shine Cycle and Shine X, the first fitness boutiques in Brunei.The side-by-side studios were designed to host philanthropy events and stream “Shine from Home” classes during the pandemic. Shine’s talented instructors are internationally trained and offer workshops for independently owned studios across the globe. Charitable events in 2021 included the Shine CommUNITY Challenge, A Mile In Her Sneaks and Ride for aCause. Dedicated to illuminating the light in others, Shine exemplifies the heart and soul of boutique fitness.

In 2021, Fitness Playground launched a new luxe concept named Wellness Playground. The fit-out feels more like a luxury hotel than a gym, with polished floors, curved rendered walls and terrazzo finishes that create a wellness paradise. Members can experience 100+ classes a week in three vastly different studios where lighting, sound and smell can be adjusted to control the class’s energy. Events such as Wellness & Wine, Sound Healing and Pilates & Prosecco add to the offering, as do the Infrared Saunas, free wifi and T2 teas in the Members Lounge. The space has been featured on Channel 10 News, Body+Soul, Marie Claire, Elle and more.

Homegrown and home-owned fitness lifestyle brand Yoga Movement opened 4 new locations in Singapore in 2021 alone, in addition to its recently launched YM LIVE digital studio. Yoga Movement’s teacher training course continued to lead the industry with a 250% increase in intakes through the year under its Yoga Movement Academy banner. YM finalised the development of Licensed Partner System and is gearing up to grow through the region. The YM APP continues to be ‘the’ vertical platform in Yoga, with YM launching Version 2 of the digital solution, featuring a major aesthetic overhaul, new friending and rating features, share pack functions, and YM Merch online.


A select fitness, wellness or hospitality executive who operates or works in Asia-Pacific Award based on; making a defining difference (legacy) to APAC’s fitness and wellness industry; pioneering meaningful change; recognised lifelong industry leadership; extensive track record of shareholder ROI; and long-term commitment to working with communities and industry stakeholders for continued industry growth.

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The Winner Has Been Selected Already and Will Be Announced at the Awards Ceremony on 14 June

Greg Oliver is Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of Fitness & Lifestyle Group. The Group’s brands include Fitness First Australia, Goodlife Health Clubs Australia, Jetts Fitness, Zap Fitness, Barry’s Bootcamp Australasia, California Fitness & Yoga, Hypoxi, Kubofit and Loup. Greg’s experience in the Australian fitness industry spans over 40 years. In the past year Greg has played a foundational role in the formation of the Global Health Fitness Alliance, specifically assisting in developing a plan to address the long term strategies for the global fitness industry. Greg presently sits on the Board of Directors of Fitness Australia and has in the past year actively participated in lobbying to raise the profile of the Fitness Industry to that of an essential service throughout a period of industry instability. Along with his operational experience Greg holds numerous board positions and company directorships across the FLG associated entities

Industry Appreciation Award

An individual who has contributed immensely to the growth and success of the fitness and wellness industry in Asia Pacific, and is often overlooked.

The Winner Has Been Selected Already and Will Be Announced at the Awards Ceremony on 14 June

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