An incredible group of market leading companies working together to innovate, strengthen and champion excellence across Asia-Pacific’s health, fitness and wellness industry.

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The potential of Asia-Pacific’s health, fitness and wellness industry is limitless. Our Leadership Circle Members positively impact the health and wellbeing of tens of millions of people across the region every day. Our Circle facilitates greater community, connection, communication and collaboration between Members so that together we can speed the continued growth of our industry and deliver world-class services, products and platforms to as many people and companies as possible for their improved health, wellbeing and happiness. Our Members are the driving force spearheading thought leadership, investment, dialogue and best practice across our events, our network and our industry.


Members receive a huge array of physical and digital benefits each year. We work hand-in-hand across their thought leadership, sales, marketing, PR and business development activities to help their own growth, whilst rightfully recognising them as an industry leading investor, innovator and influencer.

Member Benefits Includes:


Join the Leadership Circle


Our 2022 Leadership Circle Partners are the headline sponsors and speakers at our World Festival in Singapore in June and our Asia-Pacific Festival in Bangkok in November. Each Partner receives top tier branding, profiling, speaking opportunities and connectivity. They can also attend 8 private zoom calls in 2022 (4 x normal Asia-Pacific friendly time zone calls, 2 x Americas friendly calls and 2 x European friendly calls) and included in a private online members’ group. Additionally, they receive a standalone global digital activation and are co-sponsors of our year-end Asia-Pacific Report. An incredible amount of value and benefits across the year.


Leadership to me is about having the courage to take risks, put myself out there, and take opportunities when they present themselves. I chose to learn from mistakes because mistakes are inevitable but how we react to them is a choice. To be vulnerable with the people around me, leading with honesty and trust, they feel safe to unchain their ego and learn to lead conversations from the heart. This way, collaboration within our teams becomes open dialogue without judgement, which provides the most significant opportunity for ideas and knowledge sharing. Collaboration creates excellent growth opportunities, both for the individual and the company.
Andrea Bell
Co-Founder & Chief People Officer, Inspire Brands Asia
"Leadership is about providing guidance, direction and vision to others. It's not about command and control and it does not just stem from the top. In today's world, technology and social media have created an expectation of community and collaboration, as well as holistic thinking. We are exposed to more information than ever before and with this there is also an expectation to 'know' more than ever before. Being able to connect with like-minded individuals who have similar, or indeed different experiences helps us to grow and evolve in these times. This Leadership Circle brings together masterminds from the fitness industry. We all have a shared vision to help improve the quality of people's lives through health, fitness and wellbeing. So together we can make an impact, and faster, than if we all act alone."
Selina Bridge
CEO, KX Pilates
In these turbulent times Fit Summit has provided a great opportunity to collaborate and add value to our industry. We are excited to partner with other leading businesses within APAC to share our passion for fitness and wellness.
Hema Prakash
Vice President & Managing Director, APAC, Mindbody
“Success is not a big step in the future, success is a small step taken right now.” This Leadership Circle network and private calls within that, add significant value in understanding how operators and suppliers are managing their businesses through the pandemic, but also guest speakers have allowed learning about the changing dynamics of the fitness industry from a more macro level. By being on the calls it allows me to get my customer’s perspective, what their challenges are, and where they see opportunities. This information helps me think of ways to add value to them."
Andrew Mahadevan
Vice President, APAC, Life Fitness
“In line with our purpose, to live and share our passion for fitness, Core Health & Fitness is excited to help lead the Asia-Pacific industry to greater heights and to be working alongside other industry leading companies.”
Frank O’Rourke
Vice President, Core Health & Fitness
“What's not good for the hive is not good for the bee, and ClassPass is committed to collaborating with the leading lights of health, fitness and wellness to grow and strengthen the entire industry and its wider community.”
Sam Canavan
Managing Director, APAC, ClassPass
“In this shifting period, it is important for fitness industry leaders in Asia-Pacific to communicate and build collaboration opportunities. Spoany is looking forward to making good relationships with other leaders through this Circle.”
K.D. Kim
Founder & CEO, KD Sports and Spoany
“Wexer is excited to work with industry-leading companies that are taking a long-term, strategic approach to online provision and hybrid models. Our platform reliability enables operators to focus their precious resources on creating compelling member experiences.”
Paul Bowman
CEO, Wexer

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*Operator is defined as a gym/club/studio/hotel/resort operator


If you’re interested in becoming joining our business network of incredible companies please contact:

Head, Industry Development (Fitness/Wellness/Hospitality)


The Leadership Circle is an invitation-only, hybrid community of leading companies driving new investment and innovation into and across Asia-Pacific. We champion each company as best-in-class, helping to lead the future direction and growth of the Asia-Pacific marketplace. We work with each at a company level engaging their entire management team.

The Leadership Circle consists of an exclusive community of the region’s largest and most influential companies: operators, suppliers, technology companies, investors and advisory groups. Current Members are highlighted in the Leadership Circle page.

You must be investing significantly in the success and long-term growth of the Asia-Pacific health, fitness and wellness market. If so, you are warmly invited to reach out to ross@thefitsummit.com and enquire about Membership and to join this group of pioneering and market leading companies.

Each Member receives a huge amount of year-round profiling, marketing, business development and connectivity benefits, as well as, three speaking opportunities (World Summit, APAC Summit and another interview during the year). We work with each company across the calendar year as a trusted business partner, facilitating: year-round engagement, constant communication & connections, and foster deep partnerships with the best-in-class leaders from innovative companies around the world.

Every Member is profiled and branded equally across all of our marketing channels and event. Such tiers are Platinum, Gold and Silver do not exist within the Leadership Circle. The only difference is for those Members wanting to commit to having a larger physical presence at our World Summit and APAC Summit – Members can purchase a large allocation of physical tickets and exhibition space to do so but their branding remains the same.

There is an annual fee for Membership, one fixed price for Operators and one fixed price for Non-Operators. For greater ease and flexibility, we arrange payments to be made every quarter. For more details, please contact ross@thefitsummit.com

A key benefit to Membership of the Leadership Circle is access to a monthly, 90-minute, private call of Members – they share insight, lessons learned, intelligence & knowledge). You can continuously introduce yourself to group, share your updates and comment regularly on the calls.

There is a monthly call in February, March, April, June, July, August, September and October, in addition to our two-large scale hybrid events running in May and November. In total, a Member has access to eight calls and two large scale international Summit. In each physical Summit we plan to have a private VIP reception for Members. On every call a Member has the flexibility of having the same or a different executive on each call.

That’s fine. We understand that travelling at this point is still an uncertainty. We have purposefully structured Member benefits to leverage on digital capabilities and outreach that can be done without in-person commitments. Additional physical benefit options are available for companies to add on at any point.

If you are working alongside our Leadership Circle Members in Asia-Pacific or looking to enter the marketplace there is still value. However, our monthly calls with be in times friendly with Asia-Pacific time zones. Please contact ross@thefitsummit.com to set up a call to answer further questions.

As a Member you can use your benefits at regular points across the year or consolidate them to certain points (such as a new product launch or geographical expansion). We work with each Member in a bespoke manner to ensure the benefits you have are optimally leveraged.

Please contact ross@thefitsummit.com directly to set up a call and discuss the Leadership Circle further.