2022 Asia-Pacific Industry Report – Information Request

On 1 December we publish our 2022 Asia-Pacific Fitness & Wellness Industry Report. As a key industry partner of FIT Summit, you have a one-page company profile inside the report.

We need you to please fill in the form below with the information requested and submit by midnight of Friday 30 September. We will take all the submitted info and draft up a profile page. To view an example of what our profile pages look like please download our 2021 Report here.

We can share a draft copy of your page design only if we get the info from you before the deadline.

Below you will also see an option to submit additional information for the report, for example, a statistic, graph, chart, quote that shows something insightful. We can include that elsewhere in the report for you. Please diarise to action this before the deadline 30 September. We will give you a friendly nudge in mid-September.
If you are a club/gym/hotel/studio, please also answer the below two questions:
If you are a solution provider, please also answer the below two questions:


Point of Contact

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. Many thanks in advance for getting these details to us.