29 - 30 November 2022
IN-PERSON = Bangkok, Thailand
ONLINE = Livestream Keynotes & Recorded Ondemand Content
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Attendee Access & Experience


29 Nov 2022

On 29 November we welcome our VIP Delegates and Sponsors into an exclusive Leadership Summit, a full day of thought leadership, interactive roundtables and short talks with constant movement and networking. The exact opposite of death by PowerPoint. We conclude with an exclusive reception to make more incredible connections and discuss the issues raised across the day. The full day takes place in our private VIP Zone. No activities are scheduled for General Delegates on 29 November.

VIP Delegate & Sponsor Benefits

General Delegate Benefits


30 Nov 2022

On 30 November our VIP Delegates and Sponsors have access to the VIP Zone that will transform to include designated tables for 1-on-1 meetings with companies of interest. They will also take part (as speakers or guests) in interactive hour-long discussion rooms where we focus intimately on specific topics. At night we host our Awards of Excellence Dinner, with this group all attending. VIP Delegates and Sponsors also have full access to the activities our General Delegates have access to (listed below).

On 30 November e we open our larger areas for General Delegates including our Experience Zone (an exhibition of exciting brands, products and experiences, mixed with a stage for educational talks and product insights), Wellness & Recovery Zone, Start-Up Zone and host quick-fire HIIT networking receptions to meet a wealth of people. High energy, informative, fantastic fun and experiential.

VIP Delegate & Sponsor Benefits

General Delegate Benefits

Overall, the Festival is an incredible experience for all attending.

For our General Delegates they have access to a large quantity of companies and experiences across the day and will leave enjoying a great event for very little investment.

For our VIP Delegates & Sponsors we have purposefully created an incredible 2-day event that has a huge amount of curated content and curated networking experiences for them to benefit from, ensuring they have a hugely productive time and leave feeling more informed and more connected than from any other event they have attended.