Our Awards of Excellence recognize leading companies and executives from across health, fitness, wellness and hospitality. Each award is given based on their achievements and successes in the past 12 months from April 2022 to April 2023 (in the Asia Pacific Region). This web page is private and only for meant for reference of the Judging Committee of the Awards.



Any fitness, wellness or lifestyle app (b2c and/or b2b) Award based on; positive impact on the consumer and/or industry; strength and depth of content; UX design functionality and responsiveness; new growth in APAC; future growth possibility across APAC; and the potential impact of future iterations.

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The Nominees Are:

AtOne works with a range of clients  both in Australia and internationally to improve the performance of athletes and corporates with customers including Australia’s Olympic Team, the Australian Institute of Sport and Tennis Australia. AtOne also supports the mental health of war veterans and workers, with a range of customers including (to name a few)  RSL Lifecare, Homes for Heroes and Military and Emergency Services, Vulcan Steel, Lend Lease and Sano Health. AtOne is partnering with universities to research the benefits of using virtual reality to improve emotional regulation, manage stress and improve mental health and wellbeing including ACU Mind & Brain Research Centre (general population, aged care), UTS Mental Health Team(astronauts), University of Western Sydney (war veterans)

Bodymapp revolutionizes health and fitness tracking with its cutting-edge 3D body scanning app. Using just an iPhone or an iPad, users effortlessly measure and monitor their bodies, making health and wellness more accessible. With a remarkable 10000% growth in paying users since last July, the app’s positive impact has resonated globally. Expanding further, we foresee tremendous opportunities across APAC and beyond in the coming year. Over 30,000 people have embraced the app since its launch, with a monthly average growth rate of 100%. The average Bodymapp user scans at least once per month on a consistent basis, which empowers them to achieve their health and fitness goals. The app features comprehensive health data, a seamless user experience, and functional responsiveness.

ClassPass’s last 12 months in APAC was its strongest in history. The world’s largest fitness and wellness aggregator surpassed 6k venues in region (including 300+ F45 locations launching on June 5), added more than 10k new users per month, and almost doubled revenue. ClassPass sent tens of millions in incremental revenue to its partners, including: Virgin Active, STRONG Pilates, UBX, KK Pilates, Core+, Will’s China, FS8, Rumble Boxing, CycleBar, Yoga Movement, 1Rebel, Barry’s and 9Round. The likes of KPMG, McKinsey, Red Bull, Phillips, and Canva joined hundreds of existing APAC corporate partners offering ClassPass to their employees, and a world-first partnership with the Singapore Tourism Board helped thousands of Singaporeans connect to fitness and wellness.

Described as “the missing link” in gym member engagement and launching in Q3 this year, Coach Welly is set to revolutionise personalisation at scale for gyms. Utilising innovative AI-powered technology Coach Welly will help members to measurably improve their health and wellness without needing wearables to track biometric progress. Coach Welly has signed LOI’s and contracts with enterprise gym and leisure customers totalling >1M members and is in discussions with Nike regarding white labelling. Overall the app has had a positive impact on the consumer and industry; strength and depth of content; UX design functionality and responsiveness; new growth in APAC; future growth possibility across APAC; and the potential impact of future iterations.

Viva Leisure’s Flex App, launched in December 2022, has become a remarkable success, boasting a 5.0 star review rating on the iOS store, and generating an average of A$1,000 per day (A$30k a month) in casual visit sales without any staff involvement. Developed by the innovative in-house Viva LABS team, the app delivers an unrivalled user experience, enabling seamless 24/7 account setup and access for casual (non members) without staff intervention. Previously casual members needed to pay a casual/guest visit fee and only visit during staffed hours.  The Flex App’s self-contained registration including AppleID signon feature and ease of use affirm its position as a pioneer in digital fitness.

In the past year, I developed innovative approaches that transform the lives of scoliosis patients. Non-surgical interventions like exercises and therapies improved spinal alignment and reduced pain. I focused on personalized treatment plans, combining evidence-based practices with advanced technology. Winning the 2023 Award of Excellence would recognize my commitment to scoliosis treatment and raise awareness. It would inspire individuals, medical professionals, chiropractor, physiotherapist, and the community to embrace new perspectives in scoliosis care.

With over 385,000 trainers worldwide and 45,000+ paid subscribers (14% in APAC), Trainerize helps fitness businesses scale their personal training and digitize gym memberships. In addition, 2,000+ studios and clubs use Trainerize as a stand-alone or part of IGNITE, driving an average 50% year-over-year growth in PT revenues. Trainerize continued its investments in mobile and wearable tech and meal planning features to guide members on an omnichannel health and fitness journey, where clubs become the focal point of the experience. Adding to the experience it brings cutting edge content to APAC clubs through a dynamic partnership with Les Mills.

Steppen is an Australian founded health & fitness app focusing on Gen Z females. Gen Z currently are facing a health crisis especially around mental health. We have helped over 400,000 Gen Zers improve their health and wellbeing since launching 2 years ago. In 2023 Steppen commenced revenue generation and has seen 100% month on month MRR growth. Our primary focus is fitness but we have recently expanded into food and more general health & wellness with new features like recipes, mood tracking and soon habit tracking! Steppen collaborates closely with our Gen Z community ensuring we are building a bespoke, inclusive and fun app for users.


Any government body, fitness, wellness or hospitality company, that operates or invests in APAC. Award based on; any deal that has a significant impact to the b2b and/or b2c fitness and wellness landscape in APAC (M&A, divestment, JV, listing, capital raise) – deal value; shareholder return; industry implications.

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The Nominees Are:

Glofox serves more than 1,100 fitness locations in Asia Pacific as of December 2022, representing growth of more than 80% over the past 12 months. The combination of ABC Fitness and Glofox will ensure the Company’s continued strong growth in Asia Pacific as Glofox benefits from ABC’s complementary solutions like Gymsales and Trainerize, existing relationships in the region and expansion of ABC’s North American client base into the region.  Together, ABC and Glofox support a range of club operators from individual gyms and boutiques to large enterprise brands such as Snap Fitness, 9Round, Club Pilates, F45 Training and Jetts.

Evolt has transitioned from a traditional ‘hardware’ sales model toward a license-fee/subscription software model with recurring revenue (known by us as a X-Deal). The aim is to replace the CAPEX decision for a client to become an OPEX decision with a high ROI. This has been made possible with a successful Pre-IPO capital raise which will allow us to invest in new scanning units which uses Evolt’s proprietary application of bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA). We can then offer this for sale on a multi-year subscription to make it affordable for our varied brand/independent fitness base. The effect has been an increase in sales of over 160%, rapid growth in new countries throughout the Asian region, and catapulting the business to a Stock Market listing in the near future.

Having successfully navigated the business through the pandemic the opportunity arose for Elaine Jobson, CEO, to lead a management buyout of the company from The Fitness and Lifestyle Group. WIth strong headwinds for the fitness industry with raising investor finance and banking support post Covid, Elaine managed to prove the sustainable and robust model and growth story of Jetts to gain investor backing and acquire the business. Elaine is now focused on expanding both the corporate clubs and franchise network both domestically and overseas.

In the past year UBX has expanded internationally launching locations in three new countries; England, Ireland (Under the Empowered Brands Master Franchise Agreement) and the USA (opening June 2023). In August UBX will launch three studios in Japan, under a new 150 gym Master Franchise Agreement with Prova Group. With 105 studios in 7 countries, UBX has a further 400 gyms contracted to open over the next 10 years. UBX forged strategic partnerships with Universal Studios for Creed III Adidas Boxing, and ASUS to further developed its technology and flexibility offering with Extended Access. It has a clear path now to become the world’s largest boxing community.

In late 2022, despite tumultuous market conditions, Vively raised a $1,500,000 pre-seed funding round led by leading VC investor Archangel Ventures and prominent high net worth investors in Australia. The funding was used to launch the platform and grow the business to over $2,000,000 in annual revenue within 8 months of launching the platform, making it one of the fasting growing startups in the region.

The acquisition means the two businesses, who already enjoyed strong synergies, can focus on supporting fitness providers in their digital transformation journeys. The transition for existing Intelivideo customers will therefore be a positive one as they are migrated onto Wexer’s robust, market-leading platform. Acquiring Intelivideo was the first step, instantly and significantly boosting Wexer’s US presence and revenues: the deal brought in customers from new verticals boosting Wexer’s global reach. The rich content library also grows with every acquisition, while rising revenues fund an aggressive technology roadmap – all to the benefit of every customer, from APAC to the US, Europe and beyond.

The STRONG Pilates Asia Master Franchise agreement sets the stage for the debut of the wildly successful Australia-based brand. With a one-of-a-kind Pilates inspired and Cardio infused workout concept, STRONG Pilates Asia is shaking up the fitness scene in the region. The partnership brings together a powerhouse team of founders and operators in Michael Ramsey and Mark Armstrong of STRONG and Peter Thew and Alicia Pan of Yoga Movement. The team is raring to open 11 STRONG properties in Singapore, and an anticipated 50 properties across key Asian markets within the next 4 years.


Any fitness, wellness or lifestyle technology company (software, hardware, system or platform – b2c and/or b2b) Award based on; successful commercial expansion in APAC; future scalability; technology advancement; perception as industry gamechanger; positive return of investment to customer; and extent of industry collaboration.

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The Nominees Are:

ABC Glofox achieved 80% year on year growth in APAC alongside its acquisition by ABC Fitness and introduction of new Customer Engagement Platform ‘Amplify’. Amplify, boosts sales and improves retention, which has led to multiple customer success cases in APAC, such as HIIT Nation now converting 56% of their leads to paying customers and Enliven Coaching saving 64% of their churning members since adopting Amplify. ABC Glofox’s dedication to innovation and its impact on the fitness industry make it a deserving candidate for this prestigious award.

Evolt IOH is an Australian based Digital Health Company that has very quickly expanded globally, securing one of the world’s largest 24/7 Fitness chains as a customer, and supplying to over 40 countries worldwide in different vertical markets. Evolt’s ground-breaking technology has revolutionised the Health & Fitness industry, enabling users to understand their body composition towards a healthier goal. The Evolt 360 is consequently becoming the ultimate engagement tool for the industry; being the only product on the market that offers personalised calorie & macronutrient recommendations based on an individual’s true lean body mass as well as the ability to run automated challenges & download unique data analytics. The Evolt product has developed over the years alongside substantial industry consultation to provide significant value and return on investment as well as a unique tool to create additional income streams which is vital in today’s fitness industry.

Exerp’s platform and customer base is unrivaled globally, no other membership management platform was designed and built solely for enterprise sized health, fitness and wellness chains. Over the last 12 months, Exerp has focused on realigning its goals with its customers post pandemic, what was interesting in 2019 is not interesting today. We have worked extensively on expanding our footprint across the globe and added in excess of 350k members onto our platform across just a few new clients. From a technology perspective, we have built a suite of modular web apps for our clients, ranging from join flows, purchases and bookings across classes, courses, camps, equipment, courts, swim lanes, the list goes on. Enabling our clients staff to be more mobile, more proactive thus promoting member engagement, boosting sales and member retention.

Ezypay operates in 9 countries across APAC, with our total YoY growth exceeding 50%. Singapore’s revenue grew from 6% of total revenue in FY15 to 25%. The Philippines’ revenue went from 0 in FY17 to 13%. South Korea is our latest market, with revenue doubling monthly. Ezypay’s localised approach and focus on technology innovation have driven our success, showcasing our ability to generate positive ROI for Health & Fitness businesses and our industry software partners. Ezypay manages the billing for over 1 million end customers every month. Our Partner NPS of 88 is one of the highest in the industry. 

Hapana pivoted in 2019 from focusing on Personal Trainers to delivering comprehensive, technology-driven capabilities for single-site and multi-location brands. Enabling personalised member experiences whilst offering an enterprise platform which empowers gyms, health & wellness centres and boutique studios to realise insane engagement among its members and ultimately grow their business. Today, Hapana is delivering production solutions in over 14 countries and since early 2020, Hapana’s business has tripled in size, having gone from servicing 250 locations to more than 750 locations today. Additionally, in 2022 the company saw through its network, 300,000 bookings made per month in comparison to May 2023 where they have seen over one million per month constantly. 

With over 8.8 million global subscribers iFIT provides a complete health and wellness solution to both consumers and brand operators. Through hardware brands (Freemotion, NordicTrack and ProForm), iFIT offers true immersive and interactive fitness experiences. Real-time automatic trainer adjustments and terrain-matching technology enables users to connect with world-class trainers and the iFIT community (with social events and social media groups). iFIT was nominated for a Sports Emmy for its breathtaking Everest: A Trek to Base Camp interactive treadmill workout series, demonstrating how the brand pushes boundaries. The nomination marked the first time that programming originated from a connected fitness platform.

Established in 2018, Keepme has emerged as the leading CRM and marketing platform developed specifically for fitness operators. Created to improve sales conversion and customer retention and proven to increase membership duration by +9 months, reduce dormancy rates by 30% and increase upgrade revenue by 100%. Foundations built on the power of AI with the goal to empower single-sites to multinational franchises. The upcoming V3 release integrates ChatGPT along with 32 additional features, including A/B testing, underlining its commitment to continuous improvement. In the past year, Keepme’s revenue has grown by 288%, increasing 185% in its customer base. Extensive investment enables Keepme to harness the latest technology and deliver this promptly and efficiently, with round-the-clock support.

Perfect Gym is a globally trusted, scalable software platform operating in 55+ countries. It serves 3.7 million members through 130 fitness chains and over 1500 clubs, including 401 in the APAC. Strategic expansion in this region led to collaborations with esteemed clients like YMCA Victoria and Singapore Sports Hub, driving a remarkable 60% revenue growth in 2022.Demonstrating its commitment to technological advancement, Perfect Gym recently launched the Pro App, empowering club employees with seamless on-the-go data access and entry. Embracing an open API approach, Perfect Gym has cultivated a thriving ecosystem with over 50 leading technology and payment partners.

Technogym is a world leader brand in fitness, wellness, sport and health. Technogym provides an industry-unique Ecosystem that includes connected equipment, apps and on-demand video training content and is capable of connecting each individual user to his/her own personalized training experience for fitness, sport or health, anytime and anywhere. On the industry operator side, Technogym Ecosystem is an open platform, that can integrate software applications (membership software, marketing and payment platforms, body analysis and assessment devices) and fitness equipment (from any manufacturer) already in use by the club, in order to accelerate the digital strategy, improving member’s experiences and increasing ROI by boosting attraction, retention and secondary spend. Every day 55 million people train with Technogym all over the world and 25 million out of them are connected to the Technogym digital Ecosystem.

With its New Zealand office and growing APAC customer base featuring heavyweights including Evolution Wellness and telecoms giant Optus, Wexer has long serviced APAC with powerful fitness content and technology: Evolution’s Virtual Studio quickly became a US$1m revenue business. Now, under Core ownership, Wexer is dramatically scaling across territories and verticals through acquisition, accelerating towards global leadership: Intelivideo the first acquisition; more to follow globally. New partners include global megabrands Hilton Hotels and IHG Hotels (plus Australia’s Revo Fitness hot off the press); global Team Wexer has grown 30%; Core’s APAC distributors also now sell Wexer; and continued product innovation reinforces Wexer’s market leadership and broadens Core’s digital ecosystem.


Any fitness or wellness company, that operates or invests in Asia-Pacific Award based on; market leadership; successful expansion of existing business(es); launch of new product lines; new technology adoption internally and externally; business/product innovation; strength of industry relations; and overall industry/customer reputation.

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The Nominees Are:

Anytime Fitness Australia is transforming the gym industry with its innovative “Any Body, Any Time” brand campaign.   The campaign’s primary objective is to make their gyms the most welcoming by promoting inclusivity and celebrating diversity. They believe fitness should be for Any Body and are busting the stereotype of “perfect” bodies. This bold shift in fitness marketing has solidified Anytime Fitness’s position as an industry leader. Supporting this, their brand metrics have shown impressive growth from 2021 to 2023. Awareness of the brand has increased by 8%, while consideration and preference each increased by 5%. Their commitment to a more inclusive fitness industry is shifting the paradigm for fitness marketing  

BFS currently supports 31 open studios, catering to a national membership base of 5891 members. This showcases an impressive studio growth rate of 300% and a member growth rate of 117% in the past year. BFS achieves over 2.5 sales per month on average and has 14 studios awaiting construction, further solidifying their market presence. To enhance the member experience, BFS has made substantial investments in technology. They are on the verge of launching a new suite of Apps and an accompanying website, which will provide advanced features and seamless access to fitness resources. Additionally, BFS has bolstered their headquarters support, ensuring exceptional service and support for their growing member community.

With 550 centers spanning 40 cities, the cult.fit portfolio of brands and offerings delivers over 4 million training sessions for our members every month across our gyms, premium studios, sports facilities and at home live offerings. The umbrella ‘cultpass’ ecosystem provides unique multi location and multi variety access along with a host of privileges making it the fitness subscription of choice. Cult.fit has achieved a growth rate of 65% along with consistent operating profitability. With an ecosystem of 5000+ strong team, 300+ partners, in-house training academy and technology powered experiences (in-house technology team of 100 members), the cult family is well poised to continue delivering on its vision of building the active lifestyle culture for everyone in India.

Fitness & Lifestyle Group (FLG) has had a busy 12 months. They completed the sale of the franchise division of its Jetts Fitness business via a MBO to Elaine Jobson. Their owned and operated Jetts Fitness reached a 40-club Milestone in Thailand with a flagship opening in Si Racha and plans to end 2023 with at least 45 locations. They are now, by location, the biggest operator in Thailand. They added to their leadership team, including a new CFO and they continue to rebuild back to pre-pandemic revenue numbers.

Growth is easy when you’re a start-up. But in a pandemic where industry giants contracted across Asia-Pacific, Anytime Fitness Asia fortified its position as the region’s largest gym chain with over 320 clubs, shattering pre-pandemic records in network and memberships. Focused on passion, purpose, profits, and play, the brand is committed to building the self-esteem of a quarter-million members across Asia through fitness – a base that’s grown nearly 50% the past year. We continue to deliver our promise of “Anytime, Anywhere” through our pioneering 24/7 concept, and AF Connect, a digital platform where members can access fitness tips on demand.

In 2022, Les Mills Asia Pacific (LMAP) supported the live revival of Group Fitness by hosting 1,200 Instructors and fitness enthusiasts from Australia and Southeast Asia at the LES MILLS LIVE event in Melbourne. This was reinforced in April, when attendance targets for LES MILLS LIVE Singapore were achieved in just 48 hours. LMAP also helped Club Partners tackle Instructor recruitment challenges by introducing innovative tools and tactics, and support at local events. Further expanding brand reach was the Les Mills BODYCOMBAT® VR app (named ‘Best App of 2022’ by Meta), which delivers gamified fitness to a brand-new market.

The Lift Brands portfolio has undergone a dramatic period of growth across the last 12 months, opening more than 70 new clubs to its APAC portfolio.  The portfolio of three brands (Snap Fitness, 9Round and Fitstop) now extends across 8 countries in the APAC region with a significant pipeline of growth forecast in 2023.  In 2022 Fitstop was crowned THE FASTEST growing fitness brand in Australia and was listed in the Australian Financial Review (AFR) as #2 on the fast company growth list.

With over 35 years of experience in the fitness industry, National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) revolutionizes education for fitness and wellness professionals to help clients achieve their goals and live healthier lives. NASM has educated the Asia-Pacific region for over 25 years and this year alone certified over 8,000 individuals. Furthermore, NASM signed 4 new distribution partners this year bringing the total in the region to 14 countries. In 2022, NASM has also launched a translated Certified Personal Trainer course in Arabic and Chinese languages, to further the organization’s mission around the globe.

Now expanding nationally, Revo Fitness from Western Australia, has grown exponentially and is operating 30+ locations across Western Australia, South Australia, NSW and Victoria. They are expected to reach 50 opens gyms in the next 12 months. Their facilities are signature large format modern gyms, that are packed with state-of-the-art equipment and a strong focus on strength and conditioning. They are tackling an over-saturated gym franchise market with a unique, simplified membership offering and boutique fitness experience. They are also launching reformer Pilates ondemand and their Studio concept will house a range of recovery equipment such as massage chairs, handheld massage guns, a body scanner and a BLACKROLL station.

TotalFusion is reshaping the fitness and wellness industry with unrivalled innovations, expansive service offering, and unparalleled personalisation. They’ve incorporated fitness, wellness, recovery, allied health, medical, beauty, and work/leisure at individual locations creating an unmatched precinct business model, and 360° approach to wellbeing. This year they opened a 4th and 5th expansive precinct location covering 8000 sq m, doubled member base, launched an elevated Medical Concierge Service and Medical Director for revolutionary healthcare, and launched their first spa and wellness spaces. They also commenced presale for the largest Health and Wellness Precinct in the Southern Hemisphere at their Platinum location.

As Australia’s fastest-growing and only publicly listed fitness company, Viva impressively runs multiple brands across its network of 338 clubs serving 342,000+ members, and saw a 56% revenue increase in FY-23 after recovering on a like-for-like basis post COVID by June 2022.  Not just business-focused, Viva is employee-centric, investing in professional development via its Viva Learning program and implementing flexible work arrangements, including a 9-day fortnight. Recognised as an employer of choice with over 1,600 employees, Viva also supports local communities, donating $1.5 million annually to charities and sporting groups through cash and in-kind support. This holistic commitment to wellness underpins Viva’s success.


Any fitness, wellness or lifestyle franchise, that operates or invests in Asia-Pacific Award based on; success of existing portfolio in APAC; recent net growth of franchisees in APAC; net growth of member rate in APAC; industry reputation; consumer reputation; franchise leadership; and investment on customer experience.

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The Nominees Are:

Since its inception in 2019, ALT has opened 20 studios and has sold over 70 territories in 3 countries, with plans to have 100 operating studios across five countries by the end of 2024. They’ve demonstrated a growth rate of 350% YOY (2022 vs 2021) and expected growth of 344% by the end of 2023 (vs 2022). Members have increased by 215% YOY and investment in their experience includes a specified program for seniors, a new app, plus a unique value-driven membership model. Sponsoring a human study,  and hosting exclusive sessions for elite UFC and NBA stars has driven industry reputation.

In a fitness industry disrupted by new players juxtaposed against the contraction of long-time giants, Anytime Fitness remains the most-preferred Asia-Pacific franchise with over 320 clubs in eight markets. The past year has demonstrated massive growth, with nearly 50 new clubs opened. Impressively, as network count and membership beat pre-pandemic levels by double-digits, the growth has come via franchised clubs, emphatically proving investor belief in the power of the AF business model. We continue to attract new franchisees across the region with some strategic markets growing over 60%. To see such growth even after a decade – now that’s impressive.

As Australia’s leading fitness brand, Anytime Fitness has set an ambitious target to reach 50 million visits per year. Already, the company’s market share has grown from 15% in 2021 to 17.8% with visits at 34m, marking a significant stride towards their goal. Over the past year, they’ve successfully expanded by adding 14 new clubs, resulting in a net membership increase of 66,987 and have increased visitation from 24m/April 2022 to 34m/March 2023.  Furthermore, Anytime Fitness has seen positive improvements in brand health metrics since early 2021: awareness grew by 8%, consideration by 5%, and preference by 5%. These advancements reinforce their dominant position in the fitness industry.

2022: 270 BFT franchises sold globally (70 in APAC) along with 72 openings. The established APAC region is now 68% sold, resulting in a shift of focus to ensuring robust member/profit growth and further education of already opened studios. In APAC alone, we have sold 352 franchises with 240 open since launching franchise sales in April 2018. Supporting 55,000 members across APAC, the past 12 months have seen a net member growth rate of 22% and an average studio revenue increase of 16%. With an industry-leading opening member 166 resulting in 90+% of our franchisees being profitable from day one. Investment in our new education arm, recognising that coach education is a key business pillar driving improved member experience, saw 700 BFT coaches upskilled in our accredited courses in 2022. With a +74 member NPS and a FRANData rating of 5 stars gives our franchisees and future investors confidence in a proven business model.

City Cave enables people to realise their potential given freedom from stress, pain and doubt. Its core services – floatation, infrared sauna and massage ­– combine to bring transformative relief, new energy and self-awareness that ripples out into families and communities. The system is listed among the IFAH top 100 healthcare providers globally and its model is now being employed by the world’s peak body for psychoneurological research. In the year to end April 2023, the network grew from 50 to 70 Australian franchises and its client base expanded by approximately 100,000 customers to a total of circa 600,000. City Cave is establishing in New Zealand and the USA and is in planning for South East Asia.

With 1,000,000+ studio visits over the past year from our 15,000+ community of members, CorePlus is driven by the purpose to create healthier, more connected communities. Following our expansion into Queensland, our 36th territory sold will see us open in Arizona, USA. Our global online community of CorePlus Connected subscribers are supported by platform innovation and weekly new content. CorePlus’ investment in the ongoing training and development of Studio Partners, Instructors, and HQ team as part of our People Strategy, as well as industry-leading systems and technology, supports the responsible and sustainable growth of our business and our people.

With over 100 spas across Australia, endota is the largest wellness network in the country. After successful acquisition of New Zealand’s largest day spa network, Forme Spa, in 2022, and launching our first international spa franchise in Bangkok, we have our sights set on further international expansion.  endota’s influence in the wellness community is unparalleled.  The company’s success is led by CEO, Melanie Gleeson, who founded endota in 2000 and champions over 2,000 employees and close to a million visitors to franchise locations each year and actively demonstrates the company values of Intent, Connect, Truth and Balance.

Winner of AUSactive 2022 Franchise of the Year. Acquisition of HYPOXI. 73,000 members, 70 clubs Australia-wide. 10.4% network membership growth. Four club openings. 59% YoY annual franchisee profit increase. 95% of clubs offering reformer. New-look club upgrades. New member benefit of reciprocal access nationwide. Investment in member experience and Fernwood’s FIIT30 training program with digital heart rate technology. In February, Fernwood was the only network Australia-wide selected to trial Technogym’s new Teambeats multi-screen digital training solution providing superior training experiences. Expanded new opportunities with 400 – 1,000m² footprint and boutique-size club options. Revenue driving Marketing and Sales workshops for Fernwood network.

Launched amidst the global pandemic, FIRE FIT’s Global Licensing program has slowly but steadily been gaining momentum. It opened seven studios across Australia and the Middle East in the last 12 months, with another five slated to open by the end of this year – delivering 100% YoY growth with a total of 24 studios open to date. It entered a strategic partnership with MYZONE earlier this year, amplifying fan personalisation and engagement, and driving remarkable attendance levels of over 10 visits per month on average across all regions. Its innovative, seamless online education journey for licensees supports operators and aligns member-facing processes across all studio types. With six dynamic Studio concepts including STRIKE, STRIDE, FORCE, and BARRE, FIRE FIT continues to lead and innovate in the Premium Boutique space, offering unparalleled diversity, variety, and an electrifying atmosphere for their passionate Fire Fans.

Recognised as Australia’s fastest-growing boutique fitness and overall second-fastest-growing company, Fitstop is quickly becoming a global household name. With over 215 franchises sold globally, Fitstop has positively impacted over 95,000 lives across 4 countries in Australia, New Zealand, and more recently, Singapore and the US – with expansion to the UK and Ireland set for late 2023. Since April 2022, locations have grown by 48%, more than doubling its member numbers by 54%, and generating a record of $41.2 million in total revenue. The brand is also at the forefront for its innovative technology, with an advanced proprietary fitness ecosystem including everything from in-app member gamification and performance tracking, to trainer education portals and live financial and member reports for business owners.

GOFIT continued expanding its reach outside its home country of Malaysia, making an impactful entry into Australia and establishing four additional sites in Singapore. With its uniquely attractive ‘Business in a Box’ solution, it has effortlessly removed barriers of entry for licensees. It has also continued to innovate – elevating its unique selling proposition by improving the exclusive MyGoZone, introducing the revolutionary best-in-class Evolt360 body composition scanner, Virtual Zen Rooms, HydroMassage and O 2 chairs – and truly redefining what it means to be ‘high value, low price.’ Its club openings in 2022 and 2023 achieved remarkable average break-even times – under three months – including the latest GOFIT Sunway Carnival Mall in Penang, Malaysia, with over 1,100 pre-sale members. Looking ahead to the rest of 2023 and into 2024, GOFIT looks set to continue its growth trajectory, with 12 new sites in the pipeline and planned expansion into new regions within Southeast Asia.

Over the last 12 months inLIFE Wellness has grown from 6 to 14 locations, with an additional 5 agreements signed. inLIFE commenced operations in Sydney, Australia, and has now expanded to Perth, with studios set to open in Victoria, Queensland, and the USA before the end of 2023. Currently in negotiations to sell Master Franchise rights in the USA, inLIFE has big growth plans for the next 24 months. inLIFE Wellness boasts a low-cost entry point with a fast and attractive ROI, along with an appealing group exercise offering, impressive member retention, instructor certification academy, and world class marketing strategies and support.

Jetts fitness was first to market with the 24 hour fitness concept back in 2005. They recently celebrated their 15th birthday which is testimony to the sustainable franchise model loved by Australians. With a Net Promoter Score of over 70% and an award winning best place to work they pride themselves on having happy customers through happy teams. The Jetts Fitness model has been successfully exported into five countries with a number of new territories on the horizon. This Aussie born brand cemented in member loyalty provides franchise business owners with profitable returns. 

KX marked some significant milestones in the last 12 months; including 100 studios open, and opening in 3 new countries. With 15% network growth forecasted across its 6 international markets and expansion into a 7th slated for early 2024, KX is set to continue to lead and forge the pathway forward for Reformer Pilates as a workout of choice. KX’s studios host 5,000+ classes per week and service over 46,000 unique clients each month. Through significant investments in new resources, technology, and support systems in 2023 such as CRM, LMS, BI reporting software and mystery shopper program, KX Pilates ensures franchisees receive comprehensive assistance to thrive and deliver exceptional client experiences.

Plus Fitness recently reinvented their brand and club fitout, offering members an enhanced experience in a highly competitive market. In 2022, 40% of franchisees have already adopted the refit (resulting growth in member numbers increased revenue by $1/week, equating to +$7m/year). Having surpassed 200 locations and 180,000 members across ANZ, and Asia, current growth targets are 300 clubs and 300,000 members. Recent technology innovations include ‘KeepMe’ (platform that empowers franchisees to increase revenue through attraction and retention), ‘The HUB’ (bespoke, company-owned system driving accountability, providing valuable insights and analytics) and Viva Pay (saving the franchisee network over $1m/year in fees).

S30, Australia’s most exciting fitness experience, has grown exponentially over the past 12 months with eight new franchisees confirmed, of which four are operational. S30’s network will see 15 studios open and operational by the end of this year. The expansion of S30’s footprint nationally in Australia, entering both Queensland and New South Wales markets, also sees the first ever international franchise sold in Singapore and set to open in August this year. 

Snap Fitness will launch 30 additional locations in 2023, including 14 new locations with our Asian Master Franchisee markets.  This year Snap Fitness Clubs have added 120 additional incremental members to every club across Australia pushing us past 250,000 total members for the first time ever.  Due to this success, Snap Fitness is now receiving over 350 lead enquiries per month from prospective Franchisees.  It came as no surprise that the Franchisees of Snap Fitness in 2023 lifted their own NPS score of the Franchise system from -9 in 2022 to +42 in 2023.

In 2023, Spartans Boxing Club established its presence on the global stage, expanding to 16 locations, including emerging markets like Cambodia, the Philippines, Dubai, and Australia on the horizon. More than a boxing gym, it distinguishes itself as a revolutionary, multifaceted franchise that uniquely integrates over 100 technology-fueled boxing programmes and world-class events from 1 to 4 countries. It stands alone as the only boxing brand boasting an Academy, offering innovative physical and digital education despite its nascent stage. Furthermore, Spartans Mind leads the industry as the world’s first initiative to fuse boxing with mental wellness, championing community support for vulnerable groups. Under the banner “Boxing for everyone’ Spartans Boxing Club makes it a standout contender for 2023’s Franchise of the Year.

With over 130 confirmed locations, and 40 operational sites across Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and the UK, STRONG Pilates was able to grow 500% in 2022 bringing a new, hybrid form of training to the fitness industry. The pilates/cardio concept heroes the patented Rowformer machine, and with the addition of the Bikeformer clients receive all the benefits of Pilates with an added calorie burn, making STRONG a one-stop shop for low-impact training. The STRONG brand leads the boutique market in the way of pre-sale memberships, averaging over 200+ foundation members per location in the past 12 months. The future is STRONG with more studios set to launch in Canada, The US, and further expansion into Asia and the UK. STRONG aims to have 100 operational sites by the end of 2023.

Studio Pilates International (SPI) offers a Premium branded franchise with 84 studios operational, now in 5 countries with Canada pipelined for early 2024. The USA market has been launched and two of the franchisees have already opened their second studios. In June 2023 the first UK studio will open in Exeter followed by 8 more in London & regional towns. There are an additional 50 studios in the pipeline and the 100 mark will be passed in late 2023. In the last 12 months, we have 41% growth in network visits, 40% growth in network sales and attracted 53,000 new clients attracted.

In the past year UBX has expanded internationally launching locations in three new countries; England, Ireland (Under the Empowered Brands Master Franchise Agreement) and the USA (opening June 2023). In August UBX will launch three studios in Japan, under a new 150 gym Master Franchise Agreement with Prova Group. With 105 studios in 7 countries, UBX has a further 400 gyms contracted to open over the next 10 years. UBX forged strategic partnerships with Universal Studios for Creed III Adidas Boxing, and ASUS to further developed its technology and flexibility offering with Extended Access. It has a clear path now to become the world’s largest boxing community.

World Class the premier global fitness franchise ranked number one in Russia and worldwide, boasting the best KPIs in the fitness industry: Internal Rate of Return at 25%; Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization at 25%; Ancillary Sports Services at 50%; Net Promoter Score at 62% and; Membership Renewal Rate at 80% and above. Our franchise network has experienced tremendous growth since 2000, enabling us to expand into new cities and countries. Currently, we operate 135 clubs in 45 cities across 10 countries. Our franchise network consists of 65 clubs, and in 2022 alone, our last nine partners invested a total of $50 million. Notably, seven of these were established in APAC countries.


Any fitness, wellness hospitality or lifestyle executive who operates or works in Asia-Pacific. Award based on; market leadership; recognised thought leadership reputation; successful company performance; positive shareholder ROI; future growth potential in APAC; promotion of new technology adoption, diversity and industry collaboration; and creation of industry leading partnerships.

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The Nominees Are:

Chris Caldwell, CEO, Lift Brands APAC (Snap Fitness, 9Round and Fitstop), has in 3 short years been the driver of astronomical growth with more than 140 additional locations launched since the beginning of the COVID period.  The Lift Brands APAC network now spans almost 500 locations.  Delivering record EBITDA results for the portfolio of brands and spearheading two investments into the Fitstop business to support the ongoing growth of the brand into Singapore and the USA. Chris also sits on the Fitstop and City Cave boards as a non-executive director.

Elaine Jobson is an industry veteran having worked for some of the largest fitness brands in the world across four different continents. As the CEO of Jetts Fitness, Elaine has been at the helm for the past 7 years driving the business through her dedication to building a sustainable financial franchise model fueled by customer and team loyalty. Her commitment is to achieve good profit by focusing on building consumer trust with no hidden fees or contracts. WIth the recent Management Buy Out the business is now poised for rapid expansion both locally and globally.

Under the leadership of CEO Harry Konstantinou, Viva Leisure has flourished into Australia’s fastest-growing gym operator and the only publicly listed fitness company in Australia. Overseeing an impressive network of 338 clubs (increasing from 29 clubs in 2019) and 342,000+ members, Harry has demonstrated extraordinary strategic vision. His efforts led to the addition of 35 clubs in the past 12 months alone, a testament to his dynamic leadership. Viva’s annualised revenue run rate soared to $152.5 million, marking a staggering 56% increase compared to FY-22. Harry’s transformative vision and astute leadership make him a deserving candidate for Executive of the Year.

As an entrepreneur, Jitendra Chouksey has shown remarkable vision and dedication in building Fittr, an online fitness startup that has made health and fitness accessible to millions of people. He has successfully leveraged technology to disrupt the fitness industry and has demonstrated how innovation can bring positive change to people’s lives. Jitendra’s commitment to democratizing health and fitness has made him a role model for millions of people who are looking to improve their health and wellness. Jitendra Chouksey has also been chosen as a Fit India representative, which is a great recognition of his dedication and contribution to promoting health and fitness in India.

Behind the success of Anytime Fitness Asia during the toughest year coming out of the pandemic was an atypical move by Group CEO Luke Guanlao of Inspire Brands Asia. Guanlao completed a three-year renaissance fortifying the brand as the region’s dominant gym chain with 320+ clubs. While other players either exited or downsized, Anytime Fitness instead made the move to invest in talent, increasing headcount by almost 20% across the region to fuel expansion of nearly 50 clubs. A pioneering partnership with the International Fitness Academy to invest in talent development – even as other players rationalized costs – drove record-smashing growth.

In 2023, Nicole Noye continued her transformative leadership at the Collective Wellness Group (CWG) and Anytime Fitness (AF), championing the IDEA (Inclusivity, Diversity, Equity and Action) Plan. She introduced flexible work arrangements, monthly wellness programs, and professional development opportunities, solidifying CWG’s reputation as an employee-centric organisation. These measures resulted in an overwhelmingly positive employee response; 90% of staff reported pride in their employment with CWG, while 100% agree the company prioritises their wellbeing. This culminated in CWG receiving Great Place to Work certification a global standard in workplace culture.  These initiatives and results affirm the enduring & positive impact of Nicole’s stewardship on business performance and employee sentiment.

Nikolay has accomplished remarkable achievements: Expanded the World Class chain from 50 to 135 fitness clubs since 2015. These clubs cater to the premium and luxury segments, with an average area of 2500-3000 sq.m. World Class operates 135 fitness clubs in 45 cities across 10 countries globally. Introduced 13 new contemporary and successful fitness clubs across various market segments in the past year. Initiated Digital Transformation, resulting in the creation of a modern mobile application. Demonstrated NPS 61.2%. Promoted 59 individuals from the Talent Pool to higher positions. Achieved outstanding financial results, making 2022 the most successful year in the company’s 30-year history with a turnover of $200 million. And actively participated as a speaker and presenter at major business conferences.

Auckland-based Paul Bowman is a digital visionary, consistently anticipating sector-shaping trends. Under his leadership, Wexer has become the go-to partner for content, tech and digital strategy, encouraging businesses across the globe to embrace new opportunities. In 2022–23, he’s furthered Wexer’s global leadership ambitions: spearheading its acquisition strategy (February’s Intelivideo acquisition – just the first); seamlessly integrating with Core; and leading a growing team (+30%) as Wexer expands into major new contracts across markets and verticals. He also generously shares his expertise to help others use tech to meaningfully impact people’s lives, including a new role as Coach Welly chair.

Peter Hull is the Global CEO of Fitstop and founded the company in 2017. As a purposeful leader and Brisbane’s Young Entrepreneur of the Year, Peter has demonstrated his innovative approach to driving key product innovation and has championed the adoption of industry-leading technology that drives Fitstop’s success. Fitstop achieved their record total revenue of $41.2 million from April 22 – 23 under Peter’s value-led, innovative-focused leadership. Additionally, Peter initiated Fitstop’s partnership with Lift Brands and has led Fitstop’s global expansion, launching into New Zealand, Singapore, the United States, and on track for commencement into the UK late 2023, allowing him to champion his mission of creating a global fitness community that has impacted over 95,000 lives so far. Peter values industry collaboration and transparency through sharing his knowledge and learnings via business events, podcasts and other channels, positioning himself as a recognised thought leader in the fitness and wellness industry. 

Selina demonstrates an unwavering commitment to driving the growth of KX Pilates through a clear strategy centred on quality service, exceptional individuals, and core values. Through careful selection of franchise partners and team members, she ensures excellence and professionalism across the franchise network. As an engaged Franchise Council of Australia Board member and Aus Active advocate, Selina leads in championing franchising and elevating Reformer Pilates standards in the fitness industry. Selina’s commitment to ongoing training, education and support has fostered a culture of innovation and excellence within KX Pilates. Her collaborative, people-led approach has propelled achievements such as expanding into three new countries and reaching 100 studios this year. 

Corporate Wellness
Company of the Year

Any health, fitness or wellness company that operates or invests in Asia-Pacific. Award based on; enhancing the health and well-being of employees; leveraging technology for optimal engagement; promotion of physical, mental and emotional wellbeing; supportive and educational environments – both digitally and physically; innovative engagement; successful business expansion; and overall industry reputation.

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The Nominees Are:

Actxa Wellness is SEA’s first integrated wellness solution provider. Our employee wellbeing framework addresses Corporate Wellness by identifying existing challenges and provides data-driven and science-backed solutions to elevate employee engagement and wellbeing through our bespoke in-person workshops and app-delivered gamified wellness curriculum. From banks Julius Baer and Nomura to tech giants Capgemini and Informatica to biotech forerunners Illumina and Thermofisher, we have touched the lives of thousands of employees in Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and China. Our 2023 innovations include the 9PQ Wellbeing Assessment, P.A.C.E Leadership and S.E.E.K Career Wellbeing framework. We are primed for regional growth in 2024.

Intellect, the Singapore-based mental health platform that now serves over three million users in 20 countries. The startup’s therapists and coaches are based in 20 countries, offering sessions ranging from telehealth coaching and clinical therapy to self-guided cognitive behavioral programs, among others. It also secured a strategic partnership with IHH Healthcare, Asia’s largest private healthcare group with IHH also being an investor (amount undisclosed). IHH Healthcare will work with Intellect to develop and customize digital mental health programs for its patients, corporate clients and staff. In July 2022, Intellect announced that its series A round hit US$20 million, one of the biggest rounds raised by an Asian mental health firm.

With members in 100 countries, LVL has developed a pioneering, data-driven approach to workplace wellbeing through its combined offering of the LVL app & digital studios, enabling its clients to meet their employees wherever they are. LVL’s holistic approach to wellbeing has seen its original content base increase 150% in the last 12 months, supporting over 250,000 subscriptions. LVL uses daily member check-ins and app activity data to create new features to continually aid and improve member wellbeing. The LVL Champion Portal gives clients real-time access to insights, aiding better decision-making and driving ROI for clients in their wellbeing spend.

Corporate wellness with innovation at heart. While providing a holistic wellness experience through Virgin Active’s premium offerings of group workouts, expansive gymfloors and top-notch relax and recovery facilities is mandatory to address needs of the diverse workforce, Virgin Active innovates to guarantee engagement and education in-person, in-clubs, at the office or digitally at home. Combining real time data to support HR professionals, it measures employees’ physical and mental wellbeing activities; paired with innovative membership options, allowing engagement of all employees (instead of the minority). Virgin Active has met strong success serving more than 11,000 employees across 540 companies in APAC.

Hotel / Resort / Spa
Company of the Year

Any hotel, resort, spa or retreat operating in, or out of, Asia-Pacific. Award based on: incorporating holistic health/fitness/wellness programs across their properties; pioneering new and emerging services relating to health, fitness and wellness; investment in new/improved facilities for guest experience; addition of wellbeing as a company pillar; and industry leadership.

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The Nominees Are:

Accor continues to push the boundaries, to further the imperative of wellness within luxury hospitality and 2022 was no exception. Operating over 600 spas and 1000 fitness facilities, Accor has made wellness a company imperative, seeking to exceed the needs of a ever more discerning traveler. There dynamic year started with the Health to Wealth campaign, a 12 series podcast exploring the landscape that is wellness today. Guest speakers included the ‘Ice Man’ Wim Hof, and leading clinical psychologist Oliver Patrick. This was followed by a shark tank entrepuners competition encouraging startups in the wellness x tech space and finally a white paper ‘A Transformative Wellness World’ providing a strategic plan for those companies wishing to embrace wellness. By spotlighting the importance of integrating well-being in all aspects of daily life and business for industries, companies and individuals, Accor is positioned as the market leader in wellness within hospitality.

Aman goes beyond the traditional concept of spa and instead offers innovative wellness. This shift is most apparent in the generosity of space dedicated to wellness as well as the connection to local cultures and traditions that inform each destination spa. Flagships for the brand in the east and west of the globe, Aman New York and Amanpuri, Thailand, offer large fitness spaces with intensive training equipment, Cryotherapy, as well as functional and integrate medical services meaning that every need of our guests is met. Sharing the same DNA as sister brand Aman, Janu also offers this sense of space as part of its social and goal-oriented wellness concept which will be showcased with the opening of Janu Tokyo later this year. With a 4,000 sqm Wellness Centre, communal training and fitness take centre stage with five movement studios dedicated to spinning, Pilates, aerial-yoga, golf-simulations as well as a boxing ring. The 340sqm gym will be complemented by recovery focused spaces such as a hyperbaric chamber, light therapy and extensive hydrotherapy and thermal area for contract therapy.

Anantara offers all-encompassing spa, wellness and health experiences in the world’s most inspirational locales. By fusing indigenous healing traditions and modern technologies, our spa and wellness journeys live seamlessly within the Anantara brand experience. Our spa concept is rooted in the traditions of Thai wellness and blends traditional medicine with medical wellness in luxurious settings. At Anantara we combine cutting-edge technology, advanced medical diagnostics, preventative care and natural environments, offering our guests result-driven and authentic experiences.

Capella launched its new Sydney hotel including a top-floor art gallery that houses a wellness space with a 65-foot-long heated indoor pool, with jetted massage beds, accessible experience showers and an incredible Auriga Spa (Auriga Wellness and Flow), that offers Indigenous-inspired Wellness Treatments and a 23-foot Green Wall for relaxation. They are now working on their first wellness dedicated resort in South Korea, scheduled to open in 2024. Capella Yangyang will be the brand’s first luxury wellness resort, and the country’s only luxury resort with direct access to the beach. In  addition, their Singapore and Bangkok hotels continue to be acclaimed as leading wellness-centric properties in Asia.

We have grown from three spas to seven spa and wellness facilities within the space of 18 months. We are currently expanding with new developments in India, Sri Lanka, Bhutan and Maldives expanding our brand globally. We have increased our GOP by 20% YOY. Our portfolio expands to the first and only training academy opened in the Maldives in 2023. Our ambition is to expand into South West Asia and Middle East with a target of 15 properties by 2025.

Hyatt Hotels Corporation is redefining luxury hospitality by placing holistic wellbeing as a core pillar in our company strategy and at the heart of everything we do. In the APAC region alone, we have over 155 spas performing a record number of holistic treatments, benefiting the wellbeing of thousands of guests every day. We are expanding our two exceptional wellbeing brands dedicated to transformative experiences in Miraval and Alila and formed a partnership with Headspace to provide free meditations to all employees and Hyatt members globally. In the past year, we further demonstrated our commitment to wellbeing with the launch of the FIND platform, offering over 200 curated wellbeing experiences worldwide.

JOALI BEING invites wellbeing seekers to reconnect with themselves and with the beauty of nature. The island’s wild forest remaining untouched, JOALI BEING offers 68 private pool villas, personalised transformative programmes and unique transformational spaces, including hydrotherapy, movement, and sound healing experiences. Nature is at the centre of life at JOALI BEING, with the island being completely committed to nature immersive and responsible travel – the pathway to true “weightlessness”.

Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group is the award-winning owner and operator of some of the world’s most luxurious hotels, resorts and residences. Having grown from its Asian roots into a global brand, the Group now operates 36 hotels and nine residences in 24 countries and territories, with each property reflecting the Group’s oriental heritage, local culture and unique design. Mandarin Oriental has always held Spa and Wellness as a core pillar of the brand and this continues to be reflected in their strong development pipeline with 4 new world-class spas opening in 2023.

Since its inception in 1995 as the pioneering luxury resort spa in the Maldives, Soneva has always placed a strong emphasis on wellness. This commitment to well-being has led to the development of the Soneva Soul wellness brand, launched in 2021, which further builds upon the resort’s legacy. By blending ancient healing traditions with modern medicine, Soneva Soul offers personalized programs that push the boundaries of innovation in both product and business models. With a dedicated team of resident doctors, a global network of over 50 experts, and an extensive menu of 40+ treatments, including hyperbaric oxygen therapy, regenerative joint injections, Ayurvedic massages, Vitamin IV therapy, traditional Chinese acupuncture, and more, Soneva Soul delivers comprehensive and transformative wellness experiences.

Boutique of the Year

Any small-mid sized fitness, wellness or lifestyle business that operates or invests in Asia-Pacific. Award based on; focus on delivering personalized business services to members; unique studio designs and innovative on-site customer experiences; focus on community engagement and growth; adoption of technology; and successful business expansion nationally/internationally.

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The Nominees Are:

Babel is a health and wellness club that Inspires Change through great experiences. In the last 12 months they opened an incredible second facility in Kuala Lumpur, including a 16,000 sq ft gym that features four thematic rooms for three ‘boss aspirations’: Flexi, Slim, and Muscle. It also launched their new Babel Academy, offering Specialised Courses for Your Career in Fitness working alongside a dozen different education providers. It also launched a new revolutionary results-driven tailored programme, the Babel Discovery Programme, a 12 week transformation programme.

Body Factory Bali is much more than fitness – we are lifestyle and proud of the community we have created. We have welcomed over 250k visitors in the past year, by keeping up service, world class facilities and initiated many community events. The recovery space is home to facilities like sauna, pool bar, ice bath and jacuzzi. The ice bath is the coldest on the island set at 4 degrees. Our VIP members have access to exclusive services and, as well as world-class branded gym, our front office staff know your name. We are a second home to our members.

Flow Athletic was the Telstra Business Startup of the Year. In response to the pandemic, we have expanded our horizons, offering borderless experiences such as Online Corporate Wellness, Online PT, and FlowAthletic TV online workouts. (1250 annual online corporate wellness sessions weekly, 2500 annual Zoom PT sessions weekly, over 2000 active members on Flow TV). In the past 12 months, we have experienced remarkable growth, both in membership and income. With 725 new members (up 280%), a turnover increase of $2.2 million (up 187%), and a profit increase of $780,000 (up 65%), Flow Athletic has reached new heights. Furthermore, our commitment to giving back is unwavering, as we have donated over $300,000 to communities in need, supporting charities such as Beyond Blue, Two Good, and LGBTIQ+ organizations. 

In a bold move, the award winning Fitness Playground rebranded to One Playground on March 6 2023. The occasion was brought to life by re-opening the “New Newtown” with a truly unique design that aims to differentiate and elevate the member experience. Through reinvestment and repositioning, the business recorded 50% revenue growth, without adding a single location. While the team, which is developed via the One Playground Academy, grew to 250 “Great Humans” and delivered over 10,000 PT sessions and 33,000 class bookings (in a single month). The inward facing strategy of reinvesting, repositioning and educating is preparing the brand for scale with 4 premium Superboutiques due to open over the next 18 months.

Revolution, a Singapore-based indoor cycling studio continues to expand with forecasted studios in Philippines and Australia before the end of 2023. Revolution has fostered an environment that is accessible to all members of the community, embracing inclusivity and acceptance. The studio’s dedication to giving back is evident through its support of the Singapore Red Cross and Boys’ Town as adopted charities. Over the past 12 months, Revolution has grown its membership to over 55,000 and has become the destination for cardio enthusiasts. Offering a thrilling 45-minute cardio experience, through over 200 classes per week, it has successfully created an atmosphere of fun and excitement for its patrons.

Home to Brunei’s emerging fitness scene, Shine Cycle | ShineX is recognized globally for innovative classes, philanthropy, and community events. With extraordinary retention rates, Shine has outperformed in every class category since 2018. To instill loyalty and create momentum, class options have expanded from 4 offerings to 9 to accommodate multi-generational clients and fuel the creativity of Shine’s talented trainers and staff. Shine is a destination for renowned fitness experts and influencers worldwide. Most notably, Shine Games is an annual track and field event held at the Hassanal Bolkiah National Stadium to celebrate Shine’s annual anniversary celebration.

Sphere provides an unparalleled experience that goes beyond traditional fitness offerings. Our performance programming, combined with state-of-the-art amenities, including the cutting-edge infrared sauna, cold plunge, and sensory deprivation floatation pool, set us apart from the rest. We optimize our members’ performance by offering advanced recovery techniques and instilling intentionality and awareness of body and mind. Our dedicated team of coaches are committed to creating personalized training programs and guiding individuals towards achieving their performance goals. With a perfect blend of innovative technology, rejuvenating facilities, and expert guidance, our gym offers a modern perspective on what a fitness facility should be.

VIVA believes in the importance of providing a unique approach to fitness, wellness and beauty to attain optimal health and wellbeing. VIVA offers an experience that combines Pilates Reformer, wellness and beauty services. Consistent year on year growth and high retention rates since 2019, VIVA’s growth culminated in the opening of it’s newest flagship location on Sentosa cove, the brand’s largest yet, expanding its offerings onto facials and extended beauty services. Looking forward VIVA strives to expand its offerings to physical recovery and mental fitness, to establish the brand as the go-to destination for physical, mental wellness and beauty needs. 

With 9 studios and over 40,000 visits monthly, Yoga Movement has emerged as the benchmark for boutique studio design, operations management and customer service excellence. The group has seen 5 studio openings since 2021, and an attendance increase of 50% in the last 12 months. 2023 marks a turning point for this Singapore-based studio group, which aims to make its mark on the global stage with expansion into new markets for the first time through franchise partnerships.

Start-up of the Year

Any company that has launched in the last 12 months and gained significant momentum in their respective market. Awarded on product innovation, market penetration, raised capital, reputation and growth potential.

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The Nominees Are:

Attune Health, by Somavedic Technologies, has set an overarching goal of delivering more user-friendly, affordable, and faster vital signs measurements with just a simple 60 seconds face scan. Using AI-enabled rPPG technology, Attune Health measures a comprehensive array of biomarkers such as blood pressure, HRV, stress levels, and Hemoglobin and Hemoglobin A1C, offering invaluable benefits to telemedicine providers, wellness and fitness centers, or employee wellness programs. It delivers data that is 90-95% accurate, as compared to FDA-approved devices. The Attune Health app empowers providers and end-users to make informed health decisions through immediate, precise, and accessible wellness data.

BXHR believe that boxing has the power to enhance women’s lives. Their mission to make this life changing sport accessible to all women, is delivered in three ways: (1) First to market range of affordable boxing equipment, specifically tailored to a women’s body. (2) Information on gyms, events and fitness for women. (3) Extensive community outreach program, delivered in partnership with gyms, universities and charities. Since November 2022, their free classes have been enjoyed by 100’s of women and girls. And, with innovative new products, geographical expansion and an Inaugural Invitational Event on the horizon, their drive bodes a huge year ahead.

Having previously raised $350,000 and currently raising $750,000, Coach Welly is set to launch in Q3 of 2023 with one of the most hotly anticipated apps in the global fitness industry. We have signed LOI’s and contracts with enterprise gym and leisure customers totalling >1M members and are in discussions with Nike regarding white labelling. Global equipment brands such as life fitness have also partnered with Coach Welly to deliver improved member experience. We also have an EOI to be a reseller from Husk Wellness – a US corporate wellness provider that is partnered with the majority of USA’s largest health insurers and accessed by 70 million employees.

Curated Culture has achieved remarkable results, making it a strong contender for the Startup Award. With monthly revenue growth exceeding 20% and a subscriber base expanding by 25% month-over-month, the company has achieved a remarkable yearly growth rate of nearly 9X. Their range of Probiotic Teas meets the demands of consumers seeking refreshing, tasty, and healthy beverages. Notably, Curated Culture has strategically focused on the fitness segment, introducing a groundbreaking Post-Workout beverage that combines postbiotics, BCAA, and electrolytes to enhance recovery and hydration. The startup’s successful fundraising efforts will drive its accelerated growth and regional expansion in the next 12 months.

Cycling Bears aims to revolutionize the fitness industry with luxurious equipment made of sustainable materials that blend beautifully with the environment. We design fitness spaces for homes, hotels, yachts and clubs, using equipment with no planned obsolescence. We work with a team of coaches to offer holistic solutions from wellness and nutrition to personalized training programs. Always looking for innovative design, we have already curated 4 brands to distribute. Despite being a new startup, we have over 25 projects underway, with clients from Australia to Zimbabwe. Cycling Bears has garnered significant media coverage, having been featured in over 10 publications and is set to expand, with showrooms opening in Melbourne and Manila later this year.

Exergame4D deserves to win the Start-up of the Year award due to its groundbreaking immersive fitness workout. By combining music, sound effects, projection mapping, cool graphics, and motion sensing, Exergame4D creates a captivating and competitive environment that motivates participants to exercise without feeling bored. The system’s potential is vast, with plans to introduce various classes such as Yoga programs and exercises for children. Not only does Exergame4D excite consumers, but it also offers feasibility and scalability for business owners. Exergame4D stands out as an innovative fitness solution poised for exceptional success.

FitnessKPI with presence in +500 clubs in +10 countries, is a leading company in the fitness industry that uses advanced technologies to provide a comprehensive solution for fitness clubs. Their innovative approach of collecting and analyzing data from multiple sources and using artificial intelligence algorithms to generate accurate predictions and automate actions results in significant improvements in the efficiency and profitability of fitness clubs. In addition, their platform is scalable and customizable, making it adaptable to the needs of each club. FitnessKPI not only provides a technological solution, but also offers personalized support to its clients. Their success in the fitness industry and their ability to improve the efficiency and profitability of fitness clubs make them a deserving company of the Startup of the Year Award.

Fluid X has expanded beyond Hong Kong and now sells on JD China. Attending FIBO has allowed us to enter the European and Middle Eastern markets. Currently, selling FX products in over 12 countries. We have taught over 100 FX classes and created a Fluid X Foundation Course approved by NASM to increase our community of trainers. We have partnered with well-known brands such as FILA China and Spartan HK. In 2023, Fluid X will have taught at 3 of the world’s most renowned fitness expos, including FIBO, AFC Bangkok, and Dubai Active, hoping to bring purposeful movement to more people’s lives.

Haldy is a Singapore homegrown start-up, recently felicitated as a SME500 2023 Award Winner. Haldy was founded with the purpose of bringing the Golden Goodness of Turmeric to consumers in a Tasty, Refreshing and Convenient format. Our First Innovation is the World’s First Sugarfree Turmeric Mints, delivered in an aesthetic, patented premium packaging. In Singapore, we are listed in the Top 3 online marketplaces – Fairprice, Redmart and Shopee, and DTC via our website. Haldy has been acclaimed in Singapore and international media. Haldy was a marquee feature in the World’s largest confectionary fair at ISM Germany. International expansions unveiling shortly

Over the past 12 months, we have helped over 100 businesses here in Singapore and launched 18 branded client mobile apps. OClass is also the first in Singapore to launch the branded mobile app as well as a mobile app for administrative users for the fitness management platform. This allows the business owner to have a more strategic branding proposition. We not only ensure our customers remain happy by re-iterating the user experience of the mobile app but we have added tons of features such as the HR module where our customers can easily request for leave through our fitness management system.

Since our launch in October 2022, Rezeve has already onboarded an impressive 100 clients across Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, Dubai, the USA, and Lithuania. Within just 7 months, our customer base has grown to 38,000, with over 80,000 bookings processed and more than $1.8 million in sales transacted. Rezeve aims to revolutionize the fitness industry with its user-friendly software targeted at boutique and non-tech-savvy fitness owners. Our software even automatically creates a custom branded website for fitness owners, enabling them to get started within a day – perfect for the dynamic APAC market.

With 60+ franchisees and over 10 different franchises having partnered with Sales Hero, the team has converted monthly recurring revenue in excess of 2 million dollars this financial year. Supporting businesses across 4 countries, Sales Hero are trusted with the onboarding of franchisees for various franchisors, independent operators and their teams. Relieving businesses through providing improved customer relations and increased sales and conversions, Sales Hero intends to partner with 100 different businesses by the year’s end. With performance management solutions being developed, Sales Hero continues to ‘Transform Businesses Together’ through their unique ‘people before product’ tailored sales approach.

Supafitgrow, a transformative force in the fitness industry, currently operates in five countries. In early 2023, the company made a strategic acquisition of another fitness marketing agency, resulting in a 112% increase in MRR in just four months. Supafitgrow consistently delivers tangible value empowering fitness businesses to thrive in competitive markets with its innovative digital strategies, enhancing brand visibility and sales. Poised to raise their first funding round next quarter, they aim to expand into the US and Middle East markets in 2024. This continuous growth and innovation signify Supafitgrow’s commitment to fortifying the fitness industry’s vibrancy and longevity.

The Fit Guide (TFG), founded by Jack Thomas and Matt Lavender, is the first independent, global rating system celebrating the world’s leading fitness clubs, gyms and studios, filling a long-standing gap for accountability and an unbiased standard for the industry. TFG’s mission is to help the industry create incredible, five-star client experiences every time. TFG’s evaluators visit each club, anonymously assessing the full experience over 250 objective standards. Since launch, TFG collected over 60,000 data points, celebrating 16 five-star award winning clubs in the process. New York and London launches are followed by upcoming expansions to Singapore, Sydney, and Dubai.

Two Taps reinvents websites and landing pages optimized for lead generation and membership sales. Since launch early 2023, Two Taps has onboarded 1,950+ fitness businesses across 20 countries, in 12 languages and to 3,200+ users globally. Notably, Two Taps launched the new Snap Fitness Global Website. Within 1 month, site speed improved by 4 times, bounce rate improved by 26.79%,  and “Two Taps exceeded expectations smashing KPIs of site speed, usability and membership conversions” CEO, Ty Menzies.  Today, Two Taps has collected 92,473+ leads (projected 27,742+ memberships), processed 14,686+ membership sales on platform and supports Anytime Fitness, Bump Health, StretchLab, STRONG Pilates, Fitstop and more.  Two Taps is fast becoming the highest performing piece of technology in fitness franchising.

Vively is on a social impact mission to solve the chronic disease crisis globally, by empowering consumers and businesses with personalised metabolic health solutions. With over 3,000 new members, an online community of over 20,000 and $2,000,000+ in annual revenue achieved within 8 months of launching the platform, Vively is one of the fastest growing startups in the APAC. Vively completed a $1.5m funding round with leading VC investor Archangel Ventures in 2022. Vively was founded by serial entrepreneurs Tim Veron and Michael Pang, and one of Australia’s leading integrative doctors, Dr Michelle Woolhouse.

XODA has raised an impressive $2M in seed funding, propelling its growth rate to an astonishing 120% this year! The tech start-up has successfully expanded its presence to over 150 locations in APAC alone, with even more excitement as it prepares to enter the UK market in July. XODA transforms health & wellness businesses by democratising access through its extensive Freemium version and automated onboarding process, meticulously crafted within XODA’s innovation lab. Witness the remarkable capabilities of XODA as it empowers companies to swiftly launch their platforms, revolutionising the industry. XODA- Come and play


A select fitness, wellness or hospitality executive who operates or works in Asia-Pacific Award based on; making a defining difference (legacy) to APAC’s fitness and wellness industry; pioneering meaningful change; recognised lifelong industry leadership; extensive track record of shareholder ROI; and long-term commitment to working with communities and industry stakeholders for continued industry growth.

Greg Oliver

CEO & Managing Director
Fitness & Lifestyle Group


Diana Williams

Founder and CEO,
Fernwood Fitness


Industry Appreciation Award

An individual who has contributed immensely to the growth and success of the health, fitness and wellness industry in Asia Pacific, and is often overlooked. Their service and advice has proven to be incredibly meaningful and powerful to those gifted by his/her market knowledge, access and passion.


Jack Thomas

Founder & CEO
BASE & Fitness Business Asia Podcast

Sean Tan

SG Fitness Alliance