Fitness & Wellness FESTIVAL

12 – 15 June 2023, Level 4, Raffles City Convention Centre, Singapore



12 – 15 June 2023


Raffles City Convention Centre, Level 4

252 North Bridge Road, SINGAPORE

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12 - 14 June
(Leadership Summit)

Business casual, casual or athleisure. Your comfort is key. However, given the air-con exposure all day we would suggest no (tiny) shorts, open shoes or flip flops.

13 June Evening
(Celebration Dinner)

The dinner dress code is anything from smart-casual up to formal – we give everyone the option of dressing up nicely, to whatever degree they want to.

15 June
(Site Visits)

Comfortable clothes and athleisure is recommended, especially if you are planning to workout.

Festival Timings

  • 12 June ( Monday – All Day ): Leadership Summit and VIP Zone ( 10AM – 5PM; VIP Guests, VIP Delegates, Speakers & Sponsors only )
  • 12 June ( Monday – Evening ): Exclusive VIP Networking Reception: ( 5PM – 7PM; VIP Guests, VIP Delegates, Speakers & Sponsors only )
  • 13 June ( Tuesday – All Day ): All Festival Zones Open ( 9AM – 5PM; All Attendees )
  • 13 June ( Tuesday – Night ): Awards Dinner and Ceremony: ( 7PM – 10PM; VIP Guests, VIP Delegates, Speakers & Sponsors only )
  • 14 June ( Wednesday – All Day ): All Festival Zones Open ( 9AM – 5PM; All Attendees )
  • 14 June ( Wednesday – Evening ): Closing Networking Reception ( 5PM – 7PM; All Attendees )
  • 15 June ( Thursday – All Day ): SG Tours, Activations & Site Visits ( 10AM – 5PM; All Attendees ) – these are optional and will take place across Singapore to ensure multiple social and networking opportunities.
  • 12

    June | Mon - All DAY 10AM – 5PM

    Leadership Summit and VIP Zone ( VIP Guests, VIP Delegates, Speakers & Sponsors only )

  • 12

    June | Mon - Evening 5PM –7PM

    Exclusive VIP Networking Reception: ( VIP Guests, VIP Delegates, Speakers & Sponsors only )

  • 13

    June | Tue - All DAY 9AM – 5PM

    All Festival Zones Open ( All Attendees )

  • 13

    June | Tue - Evening 7PM –10PM

    Awards Dinner and Ceremony: ( VIP Guests, VIP Delegates, Speakers & Sponsors only )

  • 14

    June | Wed - All DAY 9AM – 5PM

    All Festival Zones Open ( All Attendees )

  • 15

    June | Thu - All DAY 9AM – 2PM

    SG Tours, Activations & Site Visits ( All Attendees ) – these are optional and will take place across Singapore to ensure multiple social and networking opportunities.

12, 13 & 14 june (DAYTIME)

Between 7.00am and 8.15am, you are invited to either enjoy a yoga session by the pool with Yoga Movement or sweat at a HIIT class with UFIT. Both will take place level 8 at Fairmont Hotel. To check on availability for both classes, please email


17.00PM - 19.00PM

Main Ballroom & VIP Lounge

Co-Hosted by


18.45PM - 22.00PM

Main Ballroom & VIP Lounge

On the night of 13 June, we host our annual Awards of Excellence to recognise leading companies and executives from across health, fitness, wellness and hospitality. Each award is given based on their achievements and successes in the past 12 months in the Asia Pacific Region.

  • 6.45pm – Networking Reception, Doors Open and Call for Dinner
  • 7.15pm – Welcome Toast and Guest of Honour Remarks
  • 7.30pm – Dinner is Served
  • 8.30pm – Awards Ceremony & Photographs
  • 9.15pm – Closing Karaoke Night
  • 10.00pm – Close of Dinner & Carriages Home/Onwards

Dress code: The dinner dress code is anything from smart-casual up to formal
– we give everyone the option of dressing up nicely, to whatever degree they want to.

15 june (site visits) - OPEN TO ALL

We have curated two interactive and networking focussed tours for you to enjoy. The two activities will allow you to see more of Singapore, while connecting to other incredible people. We encourage you to extend your stay in Singapore to accommodate these activities:

09.00AM – 11.00AM:

A sightseeing, networking walk, starting from the Raffles City Convention Centre through the Padang, along Boat Quay to see the Merlion, past Asian Civilisation Museum and the Parliament Buildings, through Clarke Quay and Robertson Quay before finishing at the Technogym Showroom for coffee, croissants and breakfast. The walk will be 1 hour, the networking function at Technogym showroom will also be 1 hour.

  • RENDEZVOUS POINT = 8.45AM, Ground Floor Lobby of Swissotel. We leave at 9.00AM
  • WHAT TO BRING = Comfortable Clothes, Bottle of Water, Good Vibes
  • CONFIRMING YOUR ATTENDANCE = Please RSVP in the form box below with your name and email.

Co-Hosted by


Special Guest Hosts

Senior Area Manager, APAC
Education & Training Manager (APAC)

12.00PM - 14.00PM:

A guided tour of Singapore Stadium and the Singapore Sport Hub facilities to showcase the incredible sports and fitness developments there and their plans for future expansion. We have three possible rendezvous spots:

  • RENDEZVOUS POINT 1 = Leaving from Technogym Showroom, we will leave at 11.00AM by bus
  • RENDEZVOUS POINT 2 = Leaving from Raffles City Convention Centre, we will meet at Ground Floor Lobby of Swissotel at 11.15AM and go by bus.
  • RENDEZVOUS POINT 3 = Meet directly at the exit of Stadium MRT (Exit A) at 11.45AM to rendezvous with those coming by bus.
  • WHAT TO BRING = Comfortable Clothes, Bottle of Water, Good Vibes
  • CONFIRMING YOUR ATTENDANCE = Please RSVP in the form box below with your name and email.

Co-Hosted by


Special Guest Hosts

Chief, Industry Development, Technology & Innovation
Sport Singapore

Who you'll meet


During the two-day festival you will be able to see, taste and touch these amazing products, food and beverage:

Active Lifestyle 800x600
Active Lifestyle
Empowering Fitness Solutions for Gym Operators, Wellness Facility Managers, Architects, and Developers. We specialize
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amazingraze 800x600
Amazin Graze
Made from 100% natural and wholesome ingredients, our granola is free from any added sugars or
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Australian Fitness Academy
The Australian Fitness Academy (AFA) Asia is bringing a new standard of fitness education to Singapore.
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AHSAttune 800-600px (1)
Attune Health by Somavedic
Attune Health Mobile App provides instant biomarker analysis, making wellness data accessible
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Aimwell 800×600 pixels
AYO Respirator – the world-first modular product for breathing protection, diaphragmatic breathing
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Anaya 800×600
Discover Anaya's protective nourishment through apitherapy! Their unique low-sugar, high
Read More
anytime fitness (2)
Anytime Fitness Asia
Anytime Fitness Asia operates 320+ clubs across Singapore, the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia,
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anya active 800x600 (1)
Anya Active
We’re on a mission to empower women to embrace an active lifestyle and their bodies.
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Art of Cryo 2023_800 x 600 (1)
Art of Cryo
Keep your cool! Vaultz is already powerful on its own. Combining Vaultz with MCS and Flow System drives
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BASI 800x600
BASI Systems
A New Generation of Pilates Equipment that Unleashes True Freedom of Movement with
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Body Bike -800X600
The BODY BIKE SMART+ OceanIX is a commercial-grade sustainable fitness bike made with recycled fishing nets.
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Bolly Dazz Fitness - 800x600
Bolly DaZz® Fitness
Bolly DaZz® Fitness is a Bollywood inspired Group X class designed to burn calories while experiencing a
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Fit Summit (800x600 px)
City Osteopathy and Physiotherapy
City Osteopathy and Physiotherapy is here to provide a comprehensive solution for your wellness, pain
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Coco veda 800x600
Coco Veda
Coco Veda is a Singaporean sustainability-focused social enterprise offering a unique range of coconut and plant-based
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curated culture 800x600 (2)
Curated Culture
Curated Culture, a pioneering company born out of groundbreaking research conducted by food
Read More
Cycling Bears 800 x 600
Cycling Bears
Cycling Bears designs fitness spaces for hotels, private clubs, homes and yachts. Currently based out of
Read More
ECO 800x600
Eco Lifestyle
Our vision is to be the leading one-stop fitness solutions provider in Asia by introducing innovative
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EliteFit 800x600
EliteFit.AI is an AI powered virtual personal trainer that integrates into your app to increase revenue,
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Evolt is at the forefront of body composition technology. Creating a highly-driven community of
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Ezypay 800x600
Ezypay is Australia’s leading subscription payment solutions provider. Since 1996, Ezypay
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Fawn Labs 800 x 600
Fawn Labs
Fawn Labs is Singapore’s award winning sustainable skin care lab. We conduct research and development
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F1 Rec - Merrithew 800x600
F1 Recreation
Join us at Fit Summit 2023 booth for an electrifying experience! Immerse yourself in cutting-edge fitness
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Fitness Audio
At Fitness Audio, we pride ourselves on being your number one source of audio & lighting solutions
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Fitness on Demand
FitnessOnDemand provides innovative digital fitness solutions that empower customer engagement,
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FluidX - 800x600
Fluid X
A Fluid X aqua bag is a water-filled training tool that can be used for various exercises involving
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ForrestBrew 800x600px Kombucha Set
Forrest Brew
Calling all flavor enthusiasts and health-conscious individuals! ForrestBrew Kombucha is
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Freemotion Fitness
Freemotion will present at the World Festival its new generation of interactive, connected fitness solution,
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GANTNER 800x600px
Optimize your fitness club and increase profits with an innovative system solution from GANTNER
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Gharieni 800x600
Gharieni's Mind-Body Wellness Technologies offer numerous treatment opportunities that
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haldy 800x600
Haldy Plus
Come & Get Haldy with the World's First of its kind Sugarfree Turmeric Mints formulation, which gives you
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Hapana - 800 x 600
The only end-to-end fitness club software solution built to deliver engagement and growth.
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heal 800x600
Heal is a homegrown brand that specializes in delicious protein products made with 100% real, natural
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HeyDay - 800x600
Come meet Heyday Health Club and taste their delicious, 100% organic, plant-based protein powders!
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Imagenes Labs 800x600a
Imagene Labs
At Imagene Labs, we provide you with access to advanced biodata analysis that delivers deep insights into
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Inbody 800X600
InBody uses Advanced BIA Technology refined through years of innovation. We provide an accurate
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InovFitness 800x600 (1)
Inovfitness provides the knowledge and insights to transform your operations with retention at the heart
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intimina 800x600px
Founded in Sweden in 2009, INTIMINA addresses the full spectrum of women’s intimate wellness.
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kavehome 800x600
Kave Home
Birthed in Spain, Kave Home provides an extensive range of furniture and home décor filled with personality for
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Kumuya 800×600
Elevate your beauty and wellness offerings with Kumuya, the holistic partner for beauty and fitness centers.
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A New & Trendy K-Pop Workout that simplifies modern Korean Pop dance & combines with fitness exercises
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Legacy 800x600
Legacy Pilates Apparatus
We are a bunch of dedicated, talented & hard working professionals who make apparatus produce by
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Lumaflex 800x600
Lumaflex | the leading provider of cutting-edge red light therapy devices. Supercharge your body,
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Life Fitness 800×600 (1)
Life Fitness
A large, vivid screen captures the attention of exercisers and provides them with immersive workout
Read More
LELO is not just a sex toy brand; it's a self-care movement aimed at those who know that satisfaction transcends
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LYFnGO 800x600
LYFnGO. Do more in less time. Comprehensive health & wellness software to improve your productivity, financial
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Matrix 800x600 (1)
CONNECTED. FLEXIBLE. PERSONAL. IT’S THE FUTURE OF FITNESS. How and where people get fit has changed,
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MECOTEC's pioneering Cryo Technology offers hightech cooling solutions in the two sectors: Pharmaceutical and Wellness and
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Merrithew is the industry lead in mindful movement. empowering individuals to reach their wellness
Read More
MOFORMER 800x600
MOFORMER- first-of-its-kind interactive Pilates reformer, digital weight, and massage in one machine, perfect
Read More
Myzone 1080 x 1080
The Myzone solution technology to increase exercise adherence, by focusing on effort over fitness
Read More
NEAL (800x600)
NEAL innovation is a small item with a huge impact. A walking cane tip aims to help your loved ones or your
Read More
nocco 800x600
NOCCO & Barebells
From Sweden, NOCCO & Barebells are now under the Functional Food Club Company, in expanding their
Read More
Omno Beauty shot 800 x 600
Omno is a personal care brand born and raised in Singapore. Omno is dedicated to creating products
Read More
ON - 800x600
Optimum Nutrition
It’s amazing what lies within us all. Buried below the doubt and reservations, there’s always a little more,
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Oriental Remedies Group
Oriental Remedies Clinic is a leading patient-centred healthcare provider offering effective treatments
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pain relief 800x600
Pain Relief
Have a passion for helping others out of pain and would like to pick up a skill? Come visit Pain Relief Therapy’s
Read More
Perfect Gym 800x600
Perfect Gym
Perfect Gym is a scalable open software platform that empowers fitness and leisure businesses to
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plural supply 800x600
Plural Supply
We make natural, nontoxic products for our bodies and homes. We have always been curious about unique
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power plate 800x600
Power Plate
Power Plate is a vibrating platform that helps you Prepare Faster, Perform Better and Recover Quicker.
Read More
Pure 800x600
PURE Group
With PURE Online's AI-powered platform, access world-class video content with a single touch. Engage in fun and
Read More
CareHealth - 800x600
Raffles Connect
Raffles Connect is a digital healthcare platform that provides quick and easy access to health and wellness
Read More
Rezeve 800x600
Rezeve is not just a booking management software for fitness businesses; we're your partner in
Read More
SalesHero 800x600
Sales Hero
Fitness business owners often wear many hats... have you ever tried to wear many hats at once? They would
Read More
Scentered 800x600
We exist to support and improve your wellbeing through taking moments to Stop. Inhale. Reset.®
Read More
Basecamp - Self Esteem Brands 800x600
Self Esteem Brands (SEB)
Our purpose is to improve the self-esteem of the world. Self Esteem Brands (SEB), a global portfolio of fitness, health
Read More
SHUA Fitness 800x600
SHUA Fitness
As a leading fitness equipment brand in China, SHUA specialises in developing and creating scientific
Read More
Somavedic 800-600px
Somavedic is a recovery-focused wellness technology for hotels, resorts, and spas designed
Read More
Spartans Boxing 800x600c
Spartans Boxing Club
Spartans Boxing Club offers genuine boxing training, education, and events for enthusiasts seeking an authentic
Read More
STRONG 800x600a
STRONG Pilates
Experience a Pilates-inspired, cardio-infused concept that’s one of a kind with Rowformers and Bikeformers exclusive
Read More
Sustenance 800x600
Want to hit your protein goals without chugging sickly sweet protein shakes or eating copious amounts of meat?
Read More
Sweaty Betty_800 x 600
Sweaty Betty
Sweaty Betty is a global women’s activewear and lifestyle brand that has been on a mission to empower
Read More
TAG Espresso Brand Products - 800x600
TAG Espresso
Introducing our revolutionary coffee capsules: ones that don't require a coffee machine, making them
Read More
Understand your body and achieve ultimate performance! Train, Track and Transform with TANITA!
Read More
Technogym 800x600
Biostrength, the new Technogym line for strength training, adapts to the user, thanks to a patented
Read More
The Living Cafe 800x600
The Living Cafe
Since opening in 2011, The Living Café has been at the forefront of raw and plant-based cuisine. Come visit
Read More
thoughtful 800x600
Thoughtful Food
Be one of the first to sample our new Ready-to-Eat, protein packed meat free light meals highly suitable
Read More
thewholekitchen 800x600
The Whole Kitchen
Established in 2015, The Whole Kitchen is a real food bakery on a mission to create food that is as tasty
Read More
Tily Tea - 800 x 600
Tily Tea
Singapore‘s first of its kind herbal tea that combines the rich, powerful benefits of Traditional Chinese Herbs,
Read More
TriveX 800x600
Experience the future of recovery and performance with ThriveX's state of the art
Read More
UFIT 800x600
UFIT’s signature boot camp offers an energetic, full-body, dynamic workout – using a combination of proven
Read More
WhatifFoods 800 x 600px
WhatIF Foods
WhatIF Foods is a climate positive food brand that aims to replenish diets, restore lands and reconnect us
Read More
Wild Boocha 800x600
Wild Boocha
Quench your thirst! Wild Boocha kombucha is an effervescent fermented tea packed with probiotics, enzymes
Read More
Woodway slat-belt treadmills are best-in-class for comfort, ease of use, and overall running experience. For operators,
Read More
Yoga Movement 800x600
Yoga Movement
Rise & Grind with Yoga Movement. Choose from 3 accessible class types: Breaking Down Basics takes you
Read More
ZIVA 800x600
We create commercial products tailor-made for the world’s most recognizable gyms as well as gorgeous equipment
Read More


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