Maz Hagemrad

UFC Gym Australia & NZ

Mr Hagemrad has been a Subway Franchisee since 2003. He was elected on the Subway Franchisee Advertising Fund Board for 9 Consecutive Years and Chairman of the Board for 7 consecutive years. He also led a team that pioneered Frozen Yogurt in the Australian Market in 2005. He has also held a position of Sports Physiotherapist in his private practice and with elite sporting teams since 2001. Maz was involved in the negotiations with UG Franchise Operations, LLC since 2013. He played a pivotal role in securing the master territory agreement for the Franchisor’s UFC GYM Australia and New Zealand operations. Maz was formally appointed as CEO of the Franchisor in 2015, when Ultimate Franchising Group Pty (UFG) Ltd was incorporated.

As the Founder of UFG and CEO since 2015, Maz’s key responsibilities include oversees non-traditional strategic growth pathways, Operational oversight, Strategic growth, Corporate partnership opportunities, Supply chain analysis and P&L management. Maz’s previous experiences include: Chair and Board Member Subway Franchise Marketing and Advertising Board (SFAF), Director roles at Subway, he also achieved an MBA from UNSW School of Business a Master’s in Sports Physiotherapy and a Bachelor of Science and Biochemistry.


Iñigo Bonilla
Head of Innovation & Business Development
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Jorge Gomez
Partners’ Solutions Program Manager
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