Renee Paik

Managing Director, Asia Pacific

Renee was appointed Managing Director for Asia Pacific at Holmusk in early 2022. As the regional leadership, Renee is responsible for driving commercial strategy and success, while delivering customer-first solutions and operational excellence as the company continues to lead and scale its RWE (Real-World Evidence) and digital solutions footprint in behavioral health in the region. She devoted most of her 23-year career to building high performance teams and accelerating growth for companies poised for rapid expansion in technology, market intelligence, and data analytics services for highly regulated industries. Her modus operandi has been building agile business models for enterprise solutions that are both sustainable and scalable individually and institutionally, driving consistent revenue growth across both established and emerging markets, hiring and mentoring cultural co-founders who perpetuate an environment of collaboration, and delivering customer-centric solutions, thereby transforming transactional engagements to strategic partnerships.

Holmusk is building the largest Real-World Evidence platform, starting with behavioral health. Combining a leading behavioral health database with AI-powered analytics and digital solutions, we are advancing the frontier of evidence generation and fueling innovation.


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