Julie-ann James

Founder and CEO
Aqua Global

An industry leader, Julie-ann James is considered one of the World’s leading aquatic business consultants. A true pioneer in creating Aquababies Global Swimming Franchises which expanded to 12 countries being the 1st in many, UK, China, Jordan, Turkey, Malta Cyprus, Barcelona, Poland, and Indonesia, to name a few.

With over 33 years of coaching experience, & continuous research into the ever-growing Aquatic business market, she has identified a gap in the Fitness & Leisure market whereby many Gyms, Spas and swimming businesses are underutilising their pool space. Aqua Global is a licensing concept that facilitates premium, quality Aquawellness, Aquafitness & Swimming programs for all groups. by designing bespoke Packages that provide a unique experience, Tailor-made programs that offer a point of difference to attract new guests & retain members.

Her PABS (Premium Aquatic Business Strategies) Consultancy company, is highly sought-after by high-profile clubs around the Globe, who rely on her to create bespoke programs to help their businesses to diversify, evolve and increase their profit margins whilst keeping up with the latest Health Wellness & Fitness trends that are adapted to the water, eg Aquabalance, Aquapilates, PABA (Parent & Baby  Aquafit) Her team also facilitates events, workshops, and aquatic conferences, providing access to a variety of concepts delivered by International experts.


Co-Founder and Global Franchise Recruitment Manager
Wei Young Foo
Director, Corporate and Industry Partnerships
Health Promotion Board
Nad Myan
Director, Growth & Innovation
Evolution Wellness